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    Kashmiris would rather be ruled by China than India: Farooq Abdullah

    Alienating the political leadership of occupied Kashmir was the worst possible thing Modi could do ..... Much more then what Bhutto did with Muneera ur Rehman ..... esp when Kashmiri leadership was practically a stooge of Delhi govt ...... This move will only culminate in Azadi of IOK ...
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    عسکری قیادت سے ملاقات کی خبر کو باہر نہیں آنا چاہیے تھا،وسیم بادامی‎‎

    Why ??? ..... BTW this news has crushed the PML N and Endian maggots On this forum ..... :) Eerie Silence there ..... :)
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    آرمی چیف اور محمد زبیر کی ذاتی وابستگی ہے، اعتراض نہیں ہونا چائیے: خاقان

    Now PML N can’t play on both sides of wicket ..... Has to choose one policy line which is not ambiguous...... Interesting times ahead .... :)
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    The horrendous situation PMLN left the country in - Hammad Azhar explains

    I think it was by design rather then by incompetence of PML N .......
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    پھر کہتے ہیں عمران خان کو سیاست نہیں اتی

    Letting Nawaz Sharif pitch against establishment was Yorker of century by Khan ...... :)
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    18 Markets to be built along Pak-Iran and Pak-Afg border

    There should be a medical city near Torkham border too ...... We are already catering to half of Afghanistan and now that Afghans have learned first hand the duping nature of indians , they are returning back to Pakistan....... Now they give 250 dollars plus for visa .... Stay for only 15...
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    "نواز شریف کی تقریر سے بہتر تقریر میں نے اپنے سیاسی کیریئر میں نہیں سنی"

    Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had an opportunity to prove himself a good administrator as PM but he only worked to prove a minion worker of Nawaz Sharif ....... Such is the vision of this guy ..... Same is the case with Sherry Rehman who was humiliated beyond words by Bilawal in APC by the disgraceful...
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    Will Bring 30 Lac Workers At NAB | Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Warns

    Da gaz. ...... Da maidan ...... :)
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    نوازشریف کی بلوچستان حکومت گرانے کے پیچھے کون؟ آصف زرداری کا دعویٰ سنئے

    Nawaz Sharif by maligning institutions has not only dug his own grave but also of the entire current leadership of PML N ...... Until now PML N used to play on both sides of the wicket ....... Now it will have to either take Nawaz Sharif narrative to full swing or split in two ...... :)
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    Interest rate will be 7% for next 2 months | State Bank announces

    Sood Allah SWT se jang hai ....... May Allah give Imran Khan power to abolish interest based economy .....
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    نااہل و کمینے کی خوشامد سے اگر ، جنت بھی ملے تجھ کو تو منظور نہ کر"

    Sometimes I wonder what in the world is she actually thinking???? ...... Even if ( God Forbid) she actually becomes a PM with her cases vanishing away like magic , how would she handle a hostile establishment ??? ...... Political figures try to keep as many people as they can by their side...
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    Mafaad parasto ka tola

    PPP and PML N supporters will never come out on streets against Pak Army ..... FazlurRehman has gullible madrassa students who will be duped by sectarian card but with winters approaching this window is closing ........ Senate elections are in March so for sabotage any viable dharna drama has...
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    PM Khan didn't deliver in Punjab, Outcome is today's APC | Rauf Klasra

    Oh so that’s why Nawaz Sharif ran away to London by creating platlets drama which media fully supported ......and bad governance in Punjab is the reason Nawaz Sharif is returning now even when courts summon him ....... IK has become that ‘out of course’ question for which nobody was...
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    Hindustan Time's special coverage to Nawaz Sharif's speech against Pak Army

    This speech of Nawaz Sharif was actually for Saudia, America and Endia ..... Nawaz Sharif knows people of Pakistan love Pak Army and will never rise on his call ....... So he has played his final card by coming out strongly against the establishment in hope international powers may help propel...