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    مسئلہ فلسطین:اقوام متحدہ میں پاکستان کی قرارداد منظور

    There are unfortunate, sick people on this forum who say Tuff and laugh at the efforts while loving those who do nothing! Subhan Allah,Allah O Akber!
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    چاند کے اعلان سے قبل رویت ہلال کمیٹی کے ممبر کی ویڈیو لیک

    Please someone explain what is this person saying? can not decipher.
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    Fayyaz Raja about a column by Hamid Mir on Kargil- 04/01/21

    Hear what Hamid Mir said about Kargil back in the day and now what he is saying? Liar Liar! Lifafa!
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    Kazi Family can sue Dar in England?!

    Don't think too much, Why not ? Please explain the illest advice anyone can give to anyone else!
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    Kazi Family can sue Dar in England?!

    I am wondering why is it not possible for the Kazi family in England to sue Ishak Dar for the wrongful use of their passports and causing them to suffer emotional trauma and defamation? If such is possible then Ishak Dar will not have peace even in England and indirectly Sharif family will also...
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    Siddique Jan claims a big news about Nawaz Sharif

    Just FYI, Siddique Jaan is doing his Aitekaaf as he does every year. His viewership is going up consistently. Don't worry just chill.
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    Who are the snakes in PM ImranKhan sleeve? Identification of ministers .

    All those involved in any scandal MUST be taken to task. If those near PMIK do not care for PMIK's agenda and reputation then there is no need to care for their reputation.
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    Jawad Ahmad Dedicated A song To Malik Riaz.

    Javad is a good singer but if songs could solve our problems then 60s would have done it.
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    Email- Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan

    Stand up, and be counted!
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    عمران خان نے لوہار ہائی کورٹ سے تاریخی جنگ کا آغاز کر دیا

    This is a typical deflection strategy. "Let's talk about what we don't see or can not prove to deflect attention from those who are blatantly doing wrong and unjust stuff!!" Concentrate on what you can see and then the layers if any will unfold! Common sense, may be missing in some!!
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    100 Beurocrats cost 100 crore annually!!

    Un-claim it by giving evidence against it.
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    Email- Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan

    We must show them what it means to be decent. Thank you for trying, try again and this time address them politely.
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    100 Beurocrats cost 100 crore annually!!

    Mind-boggling figures and negative performance of the Civil Service/Bureaucracy!! Have a listen and feel the anger!