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    Is unintentionally giving platform to yellow journalism?

    Forum is just reflecting what is happening in media. It's not like this forum is creating the news or responsible for what anchors say. I find it amusing to hear what anchors say, because when it does or doesn't happened we can then judge how accurate an anchor is or not. for example, I still...
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    Novak Djokovic’s Visa Cancelled by Australia for Falsifying

    He should immediately contact main sahib for advice on how to stay in the country despite visa being rejected.
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    Pervez Khattak will make forward of around 80 MNA’s: Hamid Mir

    so when you say soon, you mean minimum 3 years? 😁
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    Mehngai Ho Gahi Hai?!? IMRAN KHAN FAILED?!?

    I guess I'm not educated enough to realise that WHO, world bank, and 3rd parties like delivery associates and Sir Michael Babar have been converted to "youthias" 🙂 I never said Ehsaas has eradicated poverty, but it certainly has helped as a welfare vehicle. Eradicating poverty is long term...
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    سرمایہ دار اپنی شادیوں پر دو دو ارب روپے خرچ کرتے ہیں ،خواجہ آصف

    Wasn't this the guy who called bajwa when he thought he was loosing the election in 2018?
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    Mehngai Ho Gahi Hai?!? IMRAN KHAN FAILED?!?

    Probably used for administrating over 175 million doses. Have you been vaccinated? Don't tell me you had to pay for it?
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    Mehngai Ho Gahi Hai?!? IMRAN KHAN FAILED?!?
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    میڈیا نے عوام کا اعتماد کھو دیا ہے - فہد حسین

    I agree with his conclusion, but just read some of his columns - he's not totally innocent of bias. Perhaps he is admitting that in his own way.
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    What's Waiting For Us In Paradise

    So youthias and khan must be doing something right if you think they'll all end up in Heaven? 🙂
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    سانحہ مری:حکومت اموات چھپارہی ہے، حمزہ شہباز

    Thats a good point. This reminded me of last year when one state in India was hiding covid deaths, and one newspaper placed their reporters outside the city mourge to count the bodies, and then published the results. Of course our media would think that is too much work.....easier to just tweet...
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    Caption please 🤣

    Sorry not sorry
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    GDP growth history of Pakistan speaks for itself; Ishaq Dar

    Because we are in 2022 and genius Dar still can’t tweet the graph from 2021 just because it shows 4% growth? Or maybe Dar, apart from sucking at giving interviews to BBC, is also really bad at tweeting?
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    تاؤ بیری شنیپس یہودی اور چاچو ایندر کمار ھندو کے بعد پھوپھڑ جمی وٹن عیسائی

    That much is even said in WSJ story. The question is about PMLN suing WSJ, which PMLN was adamant in that talk show will happened. Guess they changed their minds... Anyway, dont worry....40 days to go!