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    بڑااعزاز، جنرل قمرجاوید باجوہ برطانوی پاسنگ آؤٹ پریڈ کے مہمان خصوصی بن گئے

    Pakistanis are still under the British slavery.Look how they reward their puppet dogs
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    Intl. Chief resigned for spying

    We have only dogs of the US army serving us.When we get a dog that doesn't like the owner the US .The owner gets rid of them
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    Sri Lanka protests: thousands storm president’s residence in Colombo

    Phuddo Qaum hay Kuch Nahi karey gee Bas khud be corrupt or leaders be corrupt
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    مارخور پر فخر ہوا تھا آج بوتلیں مارنا دیکھ کر پر پشیمانی ہورہی ہے

    Now we know that the people of East Pakistan were right on the zulm of some from this army on their own people
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    Deafening Silence of Human Rights Organizations

    Beghairat Qaum hay Majority are enslaved minds No self respect
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    No Afghani coal for bhikaris

    Patwaris in this forum are the tattay chuk champions.Amazing they beat Jiyalas with a lot of points
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    پاکستانی غلاموں کا امریکی آقاؤں کے سامنے شاندار استقبال

    Patwari leadership are tattay chuk experts and they love the western ones
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    Just speechless! May Allah Subhanahu Control this Damage

    Look at the price increase in this country and the qaum is doing memes and tik tok videos.A really phuddo Qaum hay.Nothing will change here.Corruption zindabad Pakistan paindabad
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    اینکرعمران کے اسلحہ لائسنس کینسل،قانونی اسلحہ کیوں ضبط کیا گیا؟

    Patwaris and Jiyalas koo buht Mirchee lagtee hay Jabb yay bulta hay
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    بینکوں نے سود کیخلاف شرعی عدالت کا فیصلہ عدالت عظمی میں چلینج کر دیا

    And then people want to fight against Allah and his Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and they claim to be Muslims
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    ملک میں مہنگائی کی شرح 28.05 فیصد تک پہنچ گئی

    Patwaris and Jiyalas are happy that their government is doing such a good job