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    ہمیں توڑا نہیں جا سکا اسلئے ہمارے گھروں پر بلڈوزر چلانے کی ابتدا ہوئی:رانا

    kutte ke bache sari umar lahore mae qabza mafia ko support krke baaten krta hai is khabees ka haal sab se bura hoga
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    ‏مراد علی شاہ، بدزبانی کو برداشت کرنے کا عادی نہیں : سعید غنی

    adat nahi to kaam kre ya dafa ho private business mae public post pe kyn mrwa rha hai
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    تبدیلی بھاری پڑنے لگی، کپاس کی پیداوار ناکام پالیسیوں کیوجہ سے کم ترین سطح

    klasre garments export are at all time high since 90s uspe bhi bol le bhosri ke
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    Khalil Ur Rahman Qamar to start Current Affairs Show at Public News

    ene hr ep wich lrna ae guest naal
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    اشاروں پر حکومت بنانے والے عوام کی خدمت نہیں کرتے، بلاول بھٹو

    ispe kyn thread zaya krte ho ye is joga bhi nahi ke ispe thread zaya ki jae
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    حریم شاہ کا اگلا ٹارگٹ

    its natinal issue not a party one, PML N MNA was found dead in objectionable attire in parliment lodges, maryam's character is known by every lahori , talal Ch, shehbaz, hamza, Khwaja asif and the list goes on.. What is the point of taking one person out of whole kanjar khana and do such bakwas...
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    More US troops in Washington DC than in Iraq, Afghanistan combined

    hen wese ye mummy daddy hi itne molvi to har month Islamabad a ke shit kr jate hen, inki air superiority lelo to takke ke nai ye
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    بلوچستان کی گیس پنجاب کے کونے کونے میں دی جا رہی ہے لیکن بلوچ عوام کو نہیں

    o behan ke takke Baluchistan ko Punjab ki wheat, sindh ke rice aur KP ka meat bhi milta hai, aik gas pkr ke baith jate hen, gas ka quota population ke proportionate hai, assmebly jao qarardad se jo krna hai krlo, niri sukki bakwas
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    ایران کے بھیجے سات دھشتگرد گرفتار

    Pakistan killed thousands of ISIS based militants, issue here is different. People earn and live in one country but have affiliations and loyalty to another. It does not work like that anywhere in the world