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    Top 19 Pics Of Sunnah

    Jazakumullah khairan kaseeran (may Allah compensate(/reward) you with immense good)
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    Life Journey of Woman Pilot Maryam Shaheed

    Bas beta ji shaid aap hi reh gaye the mujhe aqal sikhane ke liye ..... Agar apka masla pessimism ka he to InshaAllah phir bhi curable hai lekin agar ap Amrika ke koi recruit etc. hain to phir I can't say much........('Any case: May Allah guide us all to the truth n keep us on it forever with...
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    Life Journey of Woman Pilot Maryam Shaheed

    Excuse me?? You are saying that Pak Army is run by USA. Hamein sponsor karne ki US ki auqat nahin. Ye kafir daesh ka engine chalate hain. Aise irrespionsible,misleading comments dene se perhez karen ainda! Shukriya.
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    Who will fight for country? see the of Gallup Poll

    bismillah Fight For Whom (Understanding Jihad Contrary to Media Propaganda) If it is decreed that you should be a soldier fighting in the army against the kuffaar, then make your intention purely for the sake of Allaah in your fighting against them, and have the intention of supporting Islam...
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    Life Journey of Woman Pilot Maryam Shaheed

    Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about a man who traveled by sea for the purpose of trade, and he was drowned – did he die as a shaheed? He replied, yes, he died as a shaheed, so long as he was not travelling for sinful purposes. For it was narrated in a...
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    Two Leaders Two Stories

    Well observed!!!
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    ISIS: Where They Came From ? Who Created Them - Complete Report!

    Bismillah. There's rats in the house, the butler is informed.He loads up a machine gun shooting insanely around at the slightest rustles here and there.He does nothing about the rodents nest despite knowing the location. Does not seal inlets into the house.Does not set up any traps. Just takes...
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    "Metro and Orange Line add to good governance," indeed CM! taunts Kamran Khan

    bismillah. Shehbaz fully conscious hain ke camera unko dekh raha he(-we see you sneaking a glance at it-).Lekin meri guarantee le lijye ke Raheel Sharif along with the Nation- whole army inclusive- such much kam dekhe bina impress nahin hon ge. Insha Allah.
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    Hospitals main tabdeeli key liye Doctors ko manane khud jaunga :- Imran Khan

    Nawaz (Not) Sharif mafian mangna laga to garam nihari thandi ho jaye gi... At least Khan admitted!! (Patwaris can now come to the rescue I'm done commenting.)
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    Love and reverence that stood the test of time, despite a divorce!!!

    Bismillah Be broad minded.No one's getting paid by Jemima for supporting her.She certainly got back to being part of british culture after moving back, but I cannot help appreciate the loyalty she kept showing time and again towards Pakistan and Imran... Whether Reham was able to defame Imran...
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    Please suggest a proper name for the "Disneyland" of Lahore...

    What would better represent them than " Dhandli World"!!!!!!!! (- in contrast to Disney World.......)
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    Please suggest a proper name for the "Disneyland" of Lahore...

    What would better represent them than " Dhandli World"!!!!!!!!
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    Good gesture by Pakistanis to condemn Paris attacks :- Rauf Klasra

    Bismillah. ISIS, in the world (like Tahir-ul-Qadri's dramatic recent appearances in Pakistan) do not spout into existence from thin air. Such people and organizations are funded as main plots of dirty conspiricies. Such 'movements' arise and die abruptly and unnaturally one observes, because...
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    Was Imran Khan given poison ? ARY News gets medical report of Imran Khan

    Tum log Bansi Ram ke nawasay ko sambhalo!