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    خبردار! بڑے منافع کے لالچ میں اپنی محنت کی کمائی مت ڈبوئیں

    Mr. Farooq Balloch, need your input on bitcoin or crypto currency as well please.
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    Navjot Singh Sidhu told me Imran Khan is absolutely cunning beyond limits - Anchor Imran Khan..

    The more you will pressurised him (IK) the more he will perform better. This is what I understand him.
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    Private Airline’s captain gives surprise to boxer Muhammad Waseem during flight

    Good job but he deserves much more than this from officials.
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    Amazing Quran recitation by a kid

    Ma Sha Allah powerful sound.
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    How PM IK is going to win Kashmir case today in UN?

    Speech time please?
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    Muhammad Zubair making fun of Asad Umar

    Cheap comments.
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    Any updates on Ban Lifting for Teachers in Punjab?

    Any updates on Ban Lifting for Teachers in Punjab?
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    Asad Umar vs Shehbaz Sharif in National Assembly today

    No match for Asad Umar (y):clap
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    South Arfica Ke Haathon Indian Team Ki Durgat Par Mazahiya Parody

    He is talking about Cricket World Cup 2015 semi final against Aus not recent defeat against South Africa.