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    bilawal bhutto hahahhaaa

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    Free Kashmir slogans in ICC Champions Trophy Final India vs Pakistan 2017

    Inshah Allah Pakistan win will be dedicated to our Kashmiri Brothers and sisters Please comment and spread it Please coment and share as in kashmir indian forces kiling innocent kashmiri daily mother lost ther childrens sisters lost there brother stand with kashmiri people and Inshah allah...
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    KPK police brutally slapping students

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    Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz

    Pakistan ko jiss tarah lotah or tabah kia ja raha hai or uss paar koi action nahi leta, chief justice or Army chief se thoore buhat umeed hai woo be mulk ki tabahi ka tamasha dekh rahay hai ,Mujay samaj nahi attey k pori dunya ko patah hai k pakistan ko currpt leaders loot loot kar bahar...
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    Nusrat Javaid opinion about Musthaq Minhaas & bolta Pakistan

    I really respect Nusrat Javaid sahib he is one of the senior journalist I want to ask him that whats his opinion about his other half in bolta Pakistan musthaq Minhaas who joined PMLN ,, I knew from the first day that Musthaq Minhaas is a biased person (he is not journalist) and always defend...