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    Imran Khan officially representing Rawalpindi but no plans for Rawalpindi yet from Imran Khan

    Imran Khan is officially the MNA from Rawalpindi but so far since winning no statements, plans have come from PTI regarding Rawalpindi. I am myself a PTI supporter and relatives voted for him in Pindi, but nothing yet from PTI side. If you see the Rawalpindi seats, 3 of them belong to PTI if...
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    PTDC Government employees not paid for months - Naran Valley

    I want to bring this issue to everyone's attention. The government employees in PTDC in Naran Valley have not been paid for 16 months. They are on strike as a protest during my recent trip to Kaghan Valley between 12th - 14th June. I find this very unfair and it is the poor administration that...
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    What is the update in South Punab belt?

    No one is updating here on South Punjab belt? What is the ground situation? Media is focusing on Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi mostly
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    Overseas Pakistani Responsibility

    ECP has let us overseas Pakistanis down with all the drama for overseas vote. They have dragged it very long as well making it very difficult for overseas Pakistani to go to Pakistan to vote now. Still there are are log of people going to Pakistan to vote which is good I am unable to go to...
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    Xplosive list of bribed journalists to be made public today

    Source - The list of 282 journalists would be uploaded on the SC website later in the day. This is the first time that any such list has come into light as in the past the secret fund of the information ministry was never made public. Another list of 155 journalists who received...
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    PTI chances in Karachi?

    Arif Alvi is very confident of a minimum of 7 seats from Karachi Now people living in Gulshan Iqbal, Nazimabad, PECHS, Clifton, DHA, etc would ideally not be under the influence of MQM nor would they be voting at gun point as it is claimed in other areas of Karachi Karachiites have highest...
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    What are Sheikh Rasheed chances in Pindi?

    Shaikh Rasheed is a TV politician currently for last few years. He is giving hard talks and bold comments, which are mostly true about the state of Pakistan Being out of government for 5 years, what are his chances in Rawalpindi? Will the PIT alliance help him win? Do people of the street...
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    What are PTI chances in FATA region?

    Nobody is discussing the status of FATA seats. There are 12 NA seats for FATA, which is going without notice Imran Khan is the only politician who opposed drones, came on the streets in protest of drones and did rally for Waziristan people Does anyone know if FATA people have any awareness of...