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    Bill and Melinda Gates divorce: How will the money be split?

    Na teen main na taira main! Na jaan na pehchaan khala jee salam! Tujhay auron key kiya paree! Apnee nabair too!
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    If TLP is a banned outfit, then how come it contested elections in NA-49???

    KFI or Sarina aka Zarina Isa ko bhee saza milnee chaheeyay.
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    Lowest-Ranked Judiciary Calls Out Top-Ranked Pakistan Army | Dr Shahid .

    Judiciary in Pakistan is just about as corrupt as the political people it has protected and supported. have hope from the remaining 50% of judges who In sha Allah are of good heart and fair mind.
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    Feel Free to Enjoy Klasra's Chitrol...

    Klasra is a fake intellectual and Bhatti sahib is turning into a comedin+ Journalistic bhand. I used to enjoy Bhatti's poetic narrations but lately, he is just playing to the galleries. As for Klasra! Hak ha, too late, just go, please.
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    Why there is no need for a Judicial Commission in Bashir Memon Case???

    What PTI needs to follow is a simple game plan. What stops them is mind-boggling for me! Only a team of 2 people should be responding to allegations and windy stories of the opposition. There should be a daily press briefing from one of the ministries to the press.
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    Why there is no need for a Judicial Commission in Bashir Memon Case???

    Maryam key baat karo to Maalik kehta hai "Baal key khaal na nikalai" Or jub 2-3 minute key baat ho to us vakt baal key khaal naheen lagtee Maalik!
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    Kash main Isa key baitee hotee!

    Daughters of mothers murdered by police in broad day light in 2014 are now wishing "Kaash main Isa key baitee hotee!" But of course Honorable Supreme Court, Honorable judges of the Supreme court and High court are far, far above the level of a common citizen wishing for justice. How dare the...
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    Who is feeding Milk to Snakes of Layyah???

    Klasra should come forward to highlight the work of this courageous man and try to have a positive impact on his area.
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    چلاک میاں بیوی جن کے لطیفے ایک عرصہ لوگ سنتے سناتے رہیں گیں

    In this long diatribe of yours you have proven that it is clearly evident that PTI valas are right again. Unless we all pay serious attention to what is going on Right Now and take it to logical conclusion the story of past keeps repeating and making bad examples. If Pml-n valas don't feel it is...
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    بشیر میمن کے الزامات کا ڈراپ سین صدیق جان، عدیل وڑائچ کی زبانی

    PMIK does not need to pay people to stand for his cause, unlike Maryam and Sharif family. Young people of Pakistan, every 6 out of 8 under the age of 25 are with PTI, so all those from Pml-n and Ppp can have nervous laughs!
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    چلاک میاں بیوی جن کے لطیفے ایک عرصہ لوگ سنتے سناتے رہیں گیں

    Yeh sub bakroon key maain hain! aik din to churee kay nechain ayen gee! In sha Allah.
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    بشیر میمن کیوں مکر گئے؟ سنیئے عارف حمید بھٹی سے

    Each & Every member of PTI who appears on ANY show on TV must ignore any statement of Maryam by simply saying that "She is a convicted criminal and Un-elected, so she is irrelevant."
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    Raja Fayyaz-Detailed comparison of Bhutto,Nawaz sharif and PMIK!

    This is a very informative video about real facts. Do take a listen.
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    Judges of Pakistani Supreme Court

    At least now the nation is beginning to understand that Army is maligned to save the REAL culprits of failing the Nation. Judiciary is the real culprit with a bottomless pit of greed. Now we know that Marshal law regimes were just a necessary treatment of an ominous symptom of injustice by the...
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    Judges of Pakistani Supreme Court

    Zulm jab barhta hai to mitt jata hai. I have hope as not All judges have blemished the system, there are 5 out of 10 who have honored the law. So at least we have 50% chance of redeeming our losses and this is not over yet. I believe this is a lull in the storm. Now one could request for the...
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    Fawad Alam becomes the first Asian to convert his four Test 50s into 100s

    These molvi characters like Inzamam-ul-haq could not have ignored Fawad's talent if they were not dumb, deceitful, and selfish. Apna nephew to doooor say nazar aa gaya or talent kay leeyay Andhay ho gaye!! This is corruption and may Allah give them their due.
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    بشیرمیمن غریب آدمی ہے، اس نے اپنے گھر میں موئے مبارک رکھا ہے، ہارون رشید

    Oh Haroon sahib Kiya ho gaya hai aap ko?? Kiyon apna burhapa kharab ker rahay hai?? Ghareeb admi nay ghar main moo-e-Mubarak kaisay aa gaya??
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    9سال بعد پاکستان ٹیسٹ میچ تین دنوں کے اندر جیتنے میں کامیاب

    Aussies used to say "Never give the sucker a chance" What should have been done? A loose causal game by the Pakistan team?? They did what they were headed out to do. Good job.
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    Vakeel karain ya Judge??

    Now after the decision given by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in favor of KFI and his wife, providing them the protection from accountability raises few questions in my mind BUT the most important of those is I am thinking now if a judge can not be held accountable by FBR and...