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    Rashidabad a labour of love by the Falcons of PAF

    AOA, Many people know about Rashidabad and support the foundations running it in rural Sindh, Now starting in Balochistan & KPK as well. Please support and share, Jazak Allah Kahir
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    From the highways to the skies: Pakistan's famous truck art goes airborne

    A man paints Pakistani truck art on a two-seater Cessna aircraft at general aviation area at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan, December 30, 2020. PHOTO: REUTERS KARACHI: Pakistan’s famous truck art will move from its highways to the skies, as a flying academy is painting a...
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    Why are we wasting 30 Billion PKR in such times?

    It has been announced by NDMA that they have ordered ten thousand ventilators from China at a Unit Price of 17,000 USD each !!! which is approximately 28 Lacs !!! Is this massive import bill acceptable when we are planning to help the poor with food and our economy is shut down? We can easily...
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    Lessons from Italy’s Response to coronavirus-

    As policymakers around the world struggle to combat the rapidly escalating Covid-19 pandemic, they find themselves in uncharted territory. Much has been written about the practices and policies used in countries such as China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan to stifle the pandemic...
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    Time to Pay Zakat is right now! Please do not delay till Ramadan

    Dear All, Under present circumstances it is my humble request to all of you to offer your zakat as soon as possible instead of waiting for the Holy Month of Ramadan. May all of us reach Ramadan Safely ... Ameen Thanks. The Dua of Rasullulah(saw) in the month of Rajab When Rajab began, the...
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    Prayers taught by our beloved Prophet PBUH when we see someone suffering

    AOA, Dear All, We are sharing a lot of Corona Virus patient stories and videos, please keep reciting this Duaa when you see someone suffering. It will protect us from that ailment InShaAllah
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    Passengers from Pakistan interviewed at Toronto Airport

    What passengers have to say on arrival at Canada Toronto Airport coming from Pakistan
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    Dear All, it appears that the number of Corona Patients requiring assistance to breathe is increasing so much so that even countries like Italy have run out of ventilators. May suggestions no matter how impractical / practical are as follows. Take a pressurized Oxygen Cylinder and put in a...
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    AIDs spreading like an invisible Wild Fire in Sindh !!!

    AOA, Dear All who read this message, please spread awareness of this disaster so that we play our part to save our brethren living in Sindh. Yesterday my friend from Mirpurkhas informed me that his relatives tested their teenage sons for Aids and they both were HIV positive ! They had recently...
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    5 Solutions of Kashmir Problem

    Comments solicited on these 5 suggestions
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    Why the government has appointed an IPP tycoon, Nadeem Babar, as Chairman Task Force on Energy Reforms

    This is way back in Sep 2018 The government has appointed an IPP tycoon, Nadeem Babar, as Chairman Task Force on Energy Reforms. The committee also comprises Ashfaq Mehmood, former federal secretary (member), Akbar Ayub, former MD, Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) and a close...
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    EXPERIANCED TEAM OF PML-N Yet-to-be-developed gas turbines being acquired for power plant!!!

    LAHORE: The government of Punjab is purchasing for its 1,200MW regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) plant at Bhikki gas turbines which neither exist nor are field-tested or have proven efficiency levels. The machines are yet to be designed and developed by the manufacturer. Experts are...
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    The case of wrong candidate - NA122 some hindsights

    I would like to share with you all my take on the recent elections in NA122 Abdul Aleem Khan lost out to Sardar Ayaz Sadiq with a narrow margin of 2500 odd votes. What is being said now is that there was some mismanagement and not all of the votes in the constituency were harvested due to late...
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    BEWARE Scam or Charity !!!??? from a village in Chakwal

    CHAKWAL: Life in Karsal - a village some 26km to the west of Chakwal - had always been quiet. That is until a couple set up a ‘charity’ promising poor families dowry items at subsidised rates. Now, the village sees scores of people coming to collect on the offer, some even having paid the...
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    How do we deal with the situation in Karachi? Some comments

    Since the start of the operation in Karachi we have witnessed a decrease in over all rate of crime, be it kidnap for ransom, target killing or street crimes like mobile snatching, car snatching or bank robberies etc etc.. Sadly what has not stopped is "heavy handedness of police and other...
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    Agri dept envisages gains: Summary for 10,000 biogas plants

    Agri dept envisages gains: Summary for 10,000 biogas plants LAHORE, Sept 1: The Punjab Agriculture Department has moved a summary to the provincial government to approve a project of 10,000 biogas technology plants to mitigate the energy crisis following the successful...
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    YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF GOOD GOVERNANCE! Delay in signing of LNG deal to cost govt $272,000/day: Engr

    “The terminal has been completed in a record time and now we are waiting for the government to finalise LNG procurement deal,” Shaikh Imran-ul-Haq CEO of ETPL said. — Reuters/file ISLAMABAD: Engro Elengy Terminal Limited (ETPL) — a subsidiary of...
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    Polio workers in Khyber refuse to vaccinate children

    By Zahir Shah Sherazi Polio workers in Khyber refuse to vaccinate children PESHAWAR: Polio workers in some parts of Khyber Agency refused to vaccinate children at the start of a three-day drive starting...
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    Pml-n gov fleecing the common man in electricity bills - new corruption tactics!!

    The electricity bills received by almost every one has one thing in common - it is almost twice the regular bill!!! The units billed are almost double the regular monthly units consumed... The Gov says that the unit prices have not been increased only in some cases the units have been charged in...
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    THE CORRUPT NEXUS OF PPP & PML-N - Drought in Thar: Some more broken promises

    By Dr. Sono Khangharani Updated about 20 hours ago Crime, previously negligible in Thar, and suicide is now on the rise, as the social bonds holding...