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    CJ Qasim Gujjar giving Justice to English language

    Pakistani who have done Master in English Literature can not speak English. I am sure LLB all subjects are in English too.
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    حضور یہ جائیدادیں "آپ جناب" کی جان نہیں چھوڑیں گی فیصلہ جو مرضی ہو

    Why UK people? Why not Pakistani compaign against corrupt judges?
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    Daughter of a sitting Minister calling for trade sanctions against Pak!!!

    Yeh bhens Pata nahi kounsa dhood plati rahi hie IK ko jo Ik Koi action nahi lair Sakta.
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    Court finds Derek Chauvin guilty in George Floyd murder case

    He will spend his rest of life behind bar and soon you will hear a news that he suicide in jail.
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    Attention! Rs 50 Stamp Paper Judge is Back

    Shehbaz Sharif has been granted bail by Chief Justice Lahore.
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    آئین کے تحت میں برطانیہ سے بھی سینیٹ کا حلف لے سکتا ہوں: اسحاق ڈار

    What kind of law in pakistan that purely protect Harmi elite class people. How come these non oath selected people drawing salary? Any can tell me under what law these non oath people are eligibl to take salary?
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    اب کیا ہو گا۔۔ دنیا میں تیل اور دھاتوں کی قیمتیں آسمان کو چھونے لگیں

    Very interesting information but your audiences are social media people so pls when you make video look in camera.
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    زندہ ہے بھٹو مر گے ہم

    jub tuk marie huie bhoto ko loug apnie hathoon sie nahi mar daitie tub tuk yeh khudh yah in kie bachie martie rahien gie.
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    Mind boggling - Mars findings so far

    amazing. All corrupted people should send on mars from Pakistan.
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    طارق بشیر چیمہ کی خاندان کو کورونا ویکسین لگوانے کی وائرل ویڈیو پر وضاحت

    what a shame. IK talking about Rule of Law and in this video rule and law both are being smashed under shoes.
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    Family Selling Drugs or In Pk Politics, Coming on Helicopter On Wedding Day

    mostly people live in U.K of that area so it is not big deal for them to rent a helicopter. on the ground there should not have fabric banner while landing, even if one piece of cloth could fly and stuck in wing then this helicopter could crash.
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    مولانا فضل الرحمان کی طبیعت ناساز، ڈاکٹرز کا مکمل آرام کا مشورہ

    why would he got tested for corona. this bastard was saying either IK is lying about his sickness or corona is joke.
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    Giant cargo ship stuck in Egypt's Suez Canal, expect oil prices to go up...

    If every body knows accident then accident never happened. Look for dictionary the meaning of accident then you can understand instead of blindly blaming Government of Pakistan.
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    Chinese Prefabricated Model House for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme...

    Is 35 lakh included land too or not?
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    فواد چوہدری کے خلاف جسٹس نالائق عیسیٰ کی بیگم کی توہینِ عدالت کی درخواست

    illogical and baseless petition because he did not said any thing in side the area of court.
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    وزیراعلیٰ سندھ کی کارڈبورڈ تصاویر کچرے اور گندے نالوں پر نصب

    I remember Japan's Companies offer FSD to collect garbage and recycle it free collection and making money from recycling but Khota Abid's Father Sher Ali Ask about their share and then see those companies never invested in Pakistan. and FSD make filth by Sher Ali and Sold Entire Bus stand and...
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    ویکسین فراڈ ہے یا خان صاحب کو کورونا ہونا فراڈ ہے - فضل الرحمان کا طنز

    pls pray collectively to let him taste of Corona then will see either Corona virus is fake or Corona vaccine.
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    Guess the Hospital in which Province???

    kutie kato kie mareez ka ilaj be kutie hi ker rahie haan.
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    Fawad Chaudhry criticizes Justice Qazi Faez Isa on his biased statements

    choudary sahib tun kie rakho in harami judges ko. well done