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    Was Shahbaz Gill replaced by Imran Khan because of Usman Buzdar complain?

    I ask the question in the subject line to all who know and wait for confirmation from various sources. If true, despite being an avid supporter of PTI, I want to 1- Perform some sort of "Lit-Roul" to Imran Khan for making yet another stupid decision 2- End my support for Imran Khan Will wait...
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    Oil Discovery - My Pledge to Allah SWT

    Friends, Today I pledge to Allah that if He grants Pakistan Oil discovery, I will go to Pakistan before upcoming Eid and help 10 poor families (or at least 50 to 100 people) in whatever capacity I am able to. I request you all, who can spare a penny-or-two, to make some kind/passionate pledge...
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    Message for Billo Rani and Fart-ari

    To: Billo Rani and your 'Aba-Hazour' Horse Teeth Fart-ari, I have news for you. The more aggressive you get, in an attempt to save your corruption, the harder will my Kaptaan and his team will come after you. Your place is in Jail for all the looting you have done. You don't know the FIGHTER in...
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    Time to Sack CM Buzdar

    After the latest news that Punjab assembly working in raising payroll, if Imran Khan does not sack CM in the next 24 hours, I will come to Pakistan with chittar and litroul Imran Khan picture in public. Enough of this bull $h-it CM! Who in the sams' heII does he think he is????????????????????
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    ExxonMobil close to hitting huge oil reserves in Pakistan, bigger than Kuwait’s

    The US energy giant has drilled up to 5,000 meters near the Pakistan-Iran border, says Pakistan foreign minister If the oil deposits are discovered as expected, Pakistan will be among the top 10 oil-producing countries, ahead of Kuwait in sixth position KARACHI: The US energy giant ExxonMobil...
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    Why PTI Will Loose Today

    Fellow Citizens, I predicted before the election that PTI will loose and got a lot of gripe from most you all. I am sure Khan Sb, his other party leaders and you as PTI supporters will make various excuses for the loss. Without discounting any of them with certainty, I believe the main reason...
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    Reasons why PTI will looses in Karachi NA246 ??

    PTI supporters, Before you all start with your illogical arguments, just know I supported PTI since inception. While I still hope they "change" Pakistan, I see little/no practical actions by IK/PTI which would lead me to believe the change will happen ... Turning to the actual topic of...
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    Message for Mr. Machar

    Dear Mr. Machar, It appears that you are always with Khan, evident by the daily pics you post here. Surely you please many and have good intentions - by keeping Khans followers up-to-date. However not everyone is enamored with Khans looks and glamour many of us love Pakistan more much more...
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    Best Synopsis of PTI Performance To-Date

    I am a PTI supporters for the past 16 years. I believe PTI will being about change eventually (Insha-Allah); this article in Dawn is an unbiased and a balanced summary on PTI governance/performance to date; further pressure on PTI to deliver must be exerted, as most of us want to see them...
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    Haroon Rashid has left our hearts

    Brothers/Sisters, Haroon Rashid sahib exercised his views recently and we all know when said and what he shouldn't have. He crossed the line (of being a journalist), left no effort in demoralizing new PTI tickets holders by predicting that they wont get more than 1000 tickets, and cried bloody...
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    Imran Khan & Maulana Tahir-Ul-Qadri (MTQ) - Need your thoughts??

    MTQ is stealing some thunder from IK; e.g. Selling jewelry to fund Dec 23rd, Marching towards Islamabad for a REAL cause (electroal reforms pressure etc) and hence increasing his popularity I am an avid supporter of IK but honestly PTI is loosing some steam. However I see MTQ steps and...
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    PTI Supporters - Imran Khan needs you more than ever. Please read and reflect

    Brother/Sisters, If you support PTI and you felt that yesterdays' jalsa was a good reflection of what's needed to rebuild Pakistan, then please open up your pockets and become paying PTI members. It's only mere $10 a month to become one. I know so many PTI supporters that refuse to pay this...
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    Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf PTI Must See Video If you agree, are you going to stay silent and keep ignoring?