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  1. Hammad Bukhari

    Brace your selves we are entering in a black hole. There is no escape کھول کر آنکھیں میرے آئینہ گفتار میں آنے والے دور کی دھندلی سی اک تصویر دیکھ
  2. Hammad Bukhari

    Seasonal Flu Transmitted Electronically

    This is just a seasonal flu but this time it is coming with blackmailing. it is on your screens. you all know it. But you are deceived. this AI God has learned you has programmed itself to deceive you. to create fear in you which is not good for you immune system. it is more of an electronic...
  3. Hammad Bukhari

    Corona Electronic Warfare.

    it has played with the subconscious minds of people all over the globe. Knowing that 90 percent of people having corona virus will not even know it. no symptoms no illness. but they created mass deception using mass communication. The tool is new GOD of this era Artificial Intelligence.