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  1. zaheer2003

    1148 KM Long Oil Pipeline Completed & 9% growth in Industry

    As do for CPEC routes
  2. zaheer2003

    مدینہ کی فلاحی ریاست-پارٹ ۱

    What if adopt one feature
  3. zaheer2003

    مدینہ کی فلاحی ریاست-پارٹ ۱

    Investment in Pakistan through Roshan Digital account. SBP given more than 500B new loans to buy machinery for Industry. Faisalabad Industry revived difficult to find laborer's there
  4. zaheer2003

    مدینہ کی فلاحی ریاست-پارٹ ۱

    for poor any step count. its upto u how to see it. Govt is doing progress on all fronts
  5. zaheer2003

    مدینہ کی فلاحی ریاست-پارٹ ۱
  6. zaheer2003

    عمران خان کا چھوٹے طبقے کو اوپر لانے کا وعدہ پورا ہوا
  7. zaheer2003

    Army Generals & Economics.

  8. zaheer2003

    ریاست پودینہ

    Well done brother u single handedly demolish these Phatwaaris
  9. zaheer2003

    Naya Pakistan Record Exports: Uk 31%, Japan 40% and Kinnow 30% Increase

    he shows source in video if u watched .... Also there are Govt website where reports are uploaded u may verify from there. but for this had to work
  10. zaheer2003

    لالچی قوم

    including Mazhabi thekedaar
  11. zaheer2003

    لالچی قوم

    Punishment at every level in courts
  12. zaheer2003

    لالچی قوم