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    Not pleasant to watch the COVID tragedy in India

    Man! This is just heartbreaking! Watching sons trying to revive their mother frantically .. Ohh mere Allah rehem farma!
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    آئیں مل کر پی ٹی آئی کی شکست کا جشن منائیں

    This is too funny man.. hats off to you to find this gem!!
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    Pmln Criminal Won, Pti Honest Middle Class worker Lost. Thank You Karachi

    Very well said.. Kaam dhelay ka nahi kia 21 main se 14 seats jeetnay ke baad, aur vote pooray chahien. 18th amendment ke peechay ja ke chhupna tha tou chhupay rehtay, shayad vote ziada mil jatay, yeh abhi roads banwanay ki kia tuk thi? Karachi ke awam ko pata chal gaya ke kaam tou 18th...
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    پاکستان کے تیار کردہ وینٹی لیٹرز کارآمد نہیں، شغلی فراز

    yeh fawad ch. kki uss baat ka jawab hai jab uss ne kaha tha ke ministry main islahaat ka amal waheen se shuru karega jahan se chhora tha.. meaning Shibli Faraz didn't do anything. Lol.. joker ministers. aik doosray ki le rahay hain.
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    سپریم کورٹ نے فائز عیسیٰ اور سرینہ عیسیٰ کی نظر ثانی کیس کا فیصلہ سنا دیا

    Lol I wrote a few days back that like Daska election hearing, judges are only making noise, in the end they would decide in favor of qazi Isa. Pakistan has extremely dark future after imran khan. A reason why I decided not to open Roshan Digital Account and invest in Pakistan. I am writing...
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    There can be no shortage of oxygen in Pakistan

    Cylinders and distribution system.
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    کھمبھ میلہ اور راے ونڈ میلا

    PDM ke jalson main Corona phel hi nahi sakta kyun ke Maryam hai na patwarion ki dhaal against Corona. By the way, I agree with the writer.. as there was no need to gather in Rai Wind when the second wave was in sight. But kudos to the OP to only highlight ONLY ONE and skipping all other...
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    جسٹس قاضی فائز عیسیٰ کیس: ججز آپس میں لڑپڑے

    Maybe the case is not being heard... I haven't seen justice khosa myself going to the court.. Maybe, he is not fighting vigorously.. how do you know he is fighting??? Is there any video available? If you aren't believing that FBR has provided a damning report against him, and he together with...
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    جسٹس قاضی فائز عیسیٰ کیس: ججز آپس میں لڑپڑے

    As a public servent, justice Isa is bound to provide the source of his, and his family 's properties in Pakistan and abroad. You and me, probably not. His family owns certain properties in London, that's an established fact. How it came to light, who investigated etc, doesn't matter now. He...
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    جسٹس قاضی فائز عیسیٰ کیس: ججز آپس میں لڑپڑے

    White house Agar waqai Mera hoga tou main uss ki raseedain zaroor dunga. By the way, I still have a copy of my first tax return that I submitted 15 years back. If tomorrow I run for a legislative seat, I will be able to prove each and every penny earned through legit sources to build my...
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    جسٹس قاضی فائز عیسیٰ کیس: ججز آپس میں لڑپڑے

    Baqi sab tou theek hai, yeh baat mujhay samajh nahi aayee ke jo banda bhi establishment ke khilaaf hota hai, uss ke paas jaidad ki raseedain kyun nahi hoteen?
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    جسٹس قاضی فائز عیسیٰ کیس: ججز آپس میں لڑپڑے

    Bench tootnay ki taraf ja raha hai.. Aur iss main Attorney General amir rehman bhi full kirdaar Ada Kar raha hai. Jab maqbool baqir ne aik baar keh dia tha ke ikhtisaar se dalaail dain, aur yehi baat unhon ne faiz Isa ko bhi boli, tou ullu ka patha attorney General phir bhi lambay lambay...
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    جب وقت کا قاضی کہے میں پوچھ گچھ سے مبرا ہوں

    After the decision of Daska election case, I have no trust left on SC. a nice drama was played in that case by the bench and till the end we thought SC will announce reelection on only 20 polling stations. However, the decision was a complete flip of what was being discussed in the hearings.
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    میں جوتا ماروں گا، شاہد خاقان عباسی کی اسپیکرسے بدتمیزی

    2020 main ayega.. Jab ginti khatam hokay dobara shuru hogi aur saal 2020 phir se ayega
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    Shahbaz Bail Fraud?

    Aik judge Maryam group ka, doosra Shahbaz group ka
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    Indian Covid Situation

    This Indian variant is deadlier.. and has the ability to jump the immune response. UK has identified 77 cases so far. It's still not too late to ban travel to all the countries that are not putting India on their ban list. Government should show some balls... and decide as early as possible.
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    Indian Covid Situation

    India has today recorded over 260,000 new covid cases with over 15% positivity rate. There is a new Indian covid variant called B-1617 with double mutations. It is more infectious and deadlier than all the previously identified variants. With the kumbh mela going on without any restrictions...
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    ملک یا ملائیت؟ چین کی نہر سویز

    More than molvis, Pakistan has been destroyed by Bhuttos and Shareefs. Until and unless they are not exterminated from the political arena and the stolen wealth of the state is not forcefully taken back, Pakistan will continue like this.