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    ECP's hearing against Yousaf Raza Gillani-Members Defend Maryam -S.Jaan

    ECP has shown their full true colors .... fully exposed the nexus of PDM and ECP. Time for ECP chairman and members to payback the favours from their masters.
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    Every patriotic Pakistani's dil kee awaz - MUST share

    Seems like everyone is fast asleep. Now we have even witnesses who have come forward of the Gillani video confirming they were offered bribe for their vote. What is the useless ECP and SC going to to do about it? Is this media who is also hungry for cash and ratings continue to bring the chor...
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    Election Commission Response on PM Imran Khan Speech || Details by S.Jaan

    How come no one is questioning the fact that after clear video evidence, what the hell these paid touts aka pups of Zardari and Sharifs are waiting for? These filth of the earth will sell their mothers for money. They don't care about the sanctity of votes or clean and transparent election...
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    Arshad Sharif Powerplay Exposes the Elite Mafia - Full Leaked videos

    Is Supreme Court and ECP sleeping or they are actually in bed with this elite mafia? The full video clearly exposes these goons. Nasir Shah is denying even when he is getting caught. Get Ali Gilani's phone record and it will show the calls made to Nasir Shah. The cat's out of the bag. It is a...