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    Definition of Merit for Govt job: Everyone except Sindh Urban residents

    So heres a job posting from Ministry of Maritime affairs for a job based in Karachi, but not open to residents of Karachi. And to top it off, the twitter handle is boasting that selection will be done entirely on Merit! Phir boltay ho Karachi walon ko kia shikayat hay!
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    BBC: Forests the size of France regrown since 2000, study suggests

    Forests the size of France regrown since 2000, study suggests By Helen Briggs BBC Environment correspondent Published 7 hours ago Related Topics Climate change An area of forest the size of France has regrown naturally across the world in the last 20 years, a study suggests. The restored...
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    Interesting: Press barred by law to disclose exit polling until polls close in UK

    Interesting rules of press engagement on election day in UK, should we have something similar ? There are tight restrictions on reporting. Once polls are open on Election Day, the British broadcasters that were reporting feverishly in the lead-up to the vote will suddenly have a noticeable...
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    Note to Moderators: We need English language moderators here

    Time and time again I have noticed horrible slaughter of English language here in this forum, specially in thread titles. This is destroying the English language abilities of the readers including myself who dont use English on day to day bases. Please get a Moderator with English language...
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    Is this Islam?? baby abandoned at mosque stoned to death!!!

    Maulvis are becoming Nasoor of the society! they are supposed to Moral and Ethical guide to the general population and this is what they are doing ! 100% sure they wont be punished because there will be a religious backlash against them. We need two French style revolutions in Pakistan: 1...
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    Kashmir and Gilgit Shown as India at CASA signing, Nawaz Shareef completelty ignored it

    The MAp shown at the signing ceromony of CASA shows Kashmir and Gilgit as part of India ... what was our prime minister doing there ?? it not that he didnt notice it, as there is a picture of him along with other leaders staring at the map. Whats going on here !!!!
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    Pakistani souvenirs... Do they exists??

    Correct me if I am wrong after extensive internet search I found out that there are actually no country or City branded souvenirs in Pakistan. Take for example the simple magnets ones that are available all around the world even in small cities and are visually appealing . .. but for Pakistan I...
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    Any updates on the launch of BOL Tv??

    Bol Tv have been out of news for quite a while, any insider information available on its launch ?? They missed an ideal launch date (6th of Sept).
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    China backstabbing Pakistan- throws support behind 19 year old antiPakistan resolution by India

    NEW DELHI: China and Russia decided on Monday to back the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) a resolution supported by India and heavily biased against Pakistan. At a meeting of Russia-India-China (RIC) in Beijing, Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said her...
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    Double standard of Honorable Supreme Court !

    28th of Feb "The Supreme Court dismissed on Wednesday the Election Commission of Pakistans plea to defer its observations regarding the delimitation of Karachis electoral constituencies, saying it was based on misleading and misconceived grounds."...
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    Pakistan does not need western aid- Nawaz Shareef

    Pakistan does not need western aid, opposition leader claims Pakistan's opposition leader has claimed that his country does not need Western aid and should stand on its own two feet as the UN chief called for the world to send money to the flood-hit region. By Dean Nelson in Lahore...
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    What the |Hell is going on here!!!!!!!! Who is deleting all my threads!!!!!!

    What the hell is goin here?!! one by one all my threads have been deleted here!!!!!! PTI members can post a new thread for every movement of lips of Imran Khan but MQM supporters cannot!?!??! and one of my thread wasnt even political in nature!!! its was a trully non political thread!!! I...
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    ISI chiefs UK visit was not scheduled, says PM: Is this guy Pakistani in any way ?!

    ISLAMABAD: A week after the cancellation of a reportedly planned visit by ISI DG Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha to London in protest against disparaging remarks made by British Prime Minister David Cameron against Pakistan, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Thursday that no such visit by the...