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    Murad Saeed Reply Makes Ahsan Iqbal Furious In National Assembly | 27 July

    Murad Saeed totally Destroyed Ahsan Iqbal on motorways.
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    NA passes the Geographical Indication Bill, 2020

    NA passes the Geographical Indication Bill, 2020 By RECORDER REPORT on March 10, 2020
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    Pmln vs PTI Power Plants Projects

    CHEAP Electricity based on Hydel Dams is the main focus of PTI now as it's seems Bunji Dam Mohmand Dam Diamer Dam Suki Kinari dam...
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    Ayub Khan vs Imran Khan (Development Era)

    Most people who know history would know that what ayub khan has done for this country in development. Ayub khan had full power yet he failed on two things - Handling Propaganda on sugar price(50 paisa) which led to resign himself - Handling Mafia which was exist that time. Now I am comparing...
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    Kohala Hydropower Project

    Lots of dam,storage water and cheap electricity waiting work already has been started.
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    Bilawal's reaction to imran khan on threats