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    How many MNAs of PTI are in National Assembly?

    I am just looking for a total count. General Reserved and minority count please.
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    My two cents on Sugar scandal - What are your thoughts?

    *Sugar Barons have made a remarkable name when it comes to making & minting money, advancing in & controlling politics, expanding empires, buying assets overseas and ensured their interests are commonly shielded and mutually beneficial. From Sharifs to Zardari, from Tareens to Makhdooms, from...
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    Haroon ur Rasheed’s son trying to use his dad’s influence

    بزرگ کالم نویس ہارون رشیدکی آزمائش کہیں یا کسی غلطی کی سزا، جو بلال رشید جیسا ناہنجار اور نالائق بیٹا ان کے مقدر میں لکھ دیا گیا۔ نہ وہ ٹھیک سے تعلیم حاصل کرسکا، نہ ہی کوئی ڈھنگ کی نوکری۔ باوجود اس کے کہ ہارون رشید صاحب نے تقریباً پاکستان کے ہر ایک بااثر شخص سے اس کی سفارش کرڈالی لیکن اس نااہلی...
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    Who is he talking about?

    Who is he talking about?
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    LOL This is Really funny Parody of Khawaja Asif - Relevant to PTI's Sialkot Jalsa

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    Nabil Gabol reveals the name of the person who offered Imran Khan 10 Billion Rupees

    Prominent politician who recently joined PPP says that Shapes Gym owner who is mutual friend of Imran Khan and Shehbaz Sharif brought this 10billion rupees message to Imran Khan. Is he guessing this or knows for sure...your guess is as good as mine 857685884526657536 857704007195807745...
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    Altaf Hussain's special prayer

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    Journalist/Anchor Tariq Mateen gets thrashed for making an illogical Comment & to make it worst he r

    These days everyone has the power to say and respond to anyone and everyone through social media Especially when it comes to Journalists and anchors, who thought of themselves Gods and got away with anything and everything in past. All audience could do was just get frustrated for not...
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    ICIJ wins Pulitzer Prize for Panama Paper story

    The papers which destroyed Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Sharif's political career have been awarded with one of the most prestigious award in journalism 851511500921589761 851514857388204034 851511901628620800 851568158603444224 851511933975101442 851519172089655296 851517769619300356...
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    ڈیزل کی گھٹیا حرکت

    JUI-F Govt in Bannu hiring sweepers on religious and sectarian basis - Teaching us that Sunnis are too superior to clean floors of Pakistan Your comment...?