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    No more Local Bodies Election - پنجاب میں نمبرداری نظام کو فعال بنانے کا فیصلہ

    لاہور: (دنیا نیوز) وزیراعلیٰ سردار عثمان بزدار نے پنجاب میں نمبرداری نظام کو فعال بنانے کا فیصلہ کرتے ہوئے اقدامات کی منظوری دے دی ہے۔ پینتالیس ہزار کے قریب نمبرداروں کو اہم ذمہ داریاں سونپی جائیں گی۔ ذرائع کے مطابق نظام متحرک کرکے نمبردار کو اہم حکومتی اقدامات میں پارٹنر بنایا جائے گا۔ 14 کے...
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    پاکستانیوں، غیر ملکی سفرا کا گٹھ جوڑ درآمدی سہولت کے غلط استعمال میں ملوث

    I feel dishonesty is deep rooted in our society and we may be not able to get rid of this. Just latest news from about the import of vehicles from the Ambassadors of other countries. We convince them to get the benefits on the cost of our country finical health. These Ambassadors did...
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    Ravidas Mandir (Dalit Community) Demolition -- Delhi Closed first time in 20 years

    Now a days we are listening that this era of 5th generation war. And we are doing this war against India. But when the enemy provided the ammunition against himself, no one from our main stream media and social media activist highlight this issue on international level. On the order of higher...
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    Jehra Bhano Ohi Laal -- محکمہ صحت کی ’غفلت‘، ہیپاٹائٹس سی-ایڈز کی ادویات ضائع

    We all are blaming the corrupt political leader and establishment with every breath. But the real culprit if our society is diplomats and clerical staff, they are use to lazy and idle. They feel government job is only for scholarship and no work has to do, لاہور: پنجاب میں متعلقہ صحت حکام کی...
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    Judges Appointment through CSS not by Chambers reference (Stop Nepotism)

    Judges in Pakistan High courts appointed on the references by the big chambers or proposed by the CJ of that high court. Through this process it is clear that nepotism paly a major role to appoint the Judge. That is the main reason that on seventy years we unable to quote 7 honest judges in...
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    Kia Lohar, Tirkhan, Mochi, Dohobi, Nai, Marasi, etc hona Gunah hay

    We are talking so much about the change but don't know the real meaning of change. The real change will come only when the minds shall ready to accept there is no Cast system in Islam and now in modern world. Why still the above profession considered as abuse. Why not some one write with his...
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    Expenses of NAB on the high profile cases

    We are crying too much on the corruption of politician and some time a little on Bureaucrats one or two on Judge/generals. But no one ask the question to NAB that how much they spend on the investigation of High profile cases and what is result. I suppose may be wrong but want to know TA/DA...
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    Who is Supreme Commander of Pakistan..... ????

    Dear Faisal Wada Sb This is for your kind information that according to constitution of Pakistan Supreme Commander of Pakistan if the President of Pakistan (Arif Alvi) not Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan). Speakers of all assembly need to educate all the members of Assemblies at least...
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    Prefectally address the ROOT cause of Corruption -- By Habib Akram دھاندلی

    In today column writer addressed the real root cause of the problem in Pakistan. Till not adopt, the right job for right person Policy, what so ever executed, with how much honesty, will not workout in favor of common man. Note: I would like to say sorry in advance to paste Mr. Habib Akram...
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    Why FIR launch against 16 Unkonwn

    I would like to know, why the FIR launch against unknowns, when the name can be found easily From which police station or CTD branch those officers and Jawan came? How many total strength deployed in that police station/ CTD branch? How many is present during this shift? How many stay in the...
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    Where is new local bodies system by PTI

    I would like to start the debate/discussion on the Local Bodies System, now almost three months has been passed and we common people did not see the outline of this new or revise system. And worst news is that "Tarqiati Funds" of the MPA and MNA has been restored. This is the first cut...
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    To improve the Discussion Level

    I would like to suggest admin of to introduce the dislike button. The people who abuse on the forum can be dislike from the other members and in result (Hope) most of them start reducing the abusive language on the discussion forum.