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  1. Adeel

    55 seconds knock out - Pak vs India

  2. Adeel

    اسلام آبادپولیس کی فائرنگ سے جاں بحق ہونے والے اسامہ کے والد کے چند اہم سوا

    اسلام آبا د پولیس کی فائرنگ سے جاں بحق ہونے والے نوجوان اسامہ ستی کے والد ندیم ستی کا کہنا ہے گاڑی کے ٹائر پر فائر کرنے کے بجائے پولیس نے ونڈ سکرین پر 6 گولیاں ماریں، جس سے ثابت ہوتا ہے کہ گاڑی رکی ہوئی تھی۔ نجی خبررساں ادارے کے پروگرام میں گفتگو کرتے ہوئے اسامہ کے والد ندیم ستی نے کہا کہ پولیس...
  3. Adeel

    Facebook keeps pulling's content down If It's about Kashmir

    This has been happening for a while now. Content either disappears from our timeline or it is given a strike. Pakistani part of Facebook is controlled by the Indian office and this will keep happening unless Pakistani government interferes.
  4. Adeel

    Which political party in Pak will be the 1st to take advantage of TikTok?

    According to Pakistan's digital media head, the TikTok is the most used social media in Pakistan right now. Most of us boomers make fun of it and consider 'waste of time', but the reality is that it is just a tool and It is up to the user how they want to use it. Tiktok is different from...
  5. Adeel

    Brace for an impact!

    One of my developers had been having covid19 symptoms for the last few days. He just got his father tested, and sadly he turned out to be positive. It is feared that his whole family is infected. The govt initially was taking away all of the patients to quarantine them. This isn't happening...
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    Tall buildings with trees

  7. Adeel

    and your concern is, why the PM isn't dressed appropriately?

    The people are dying in thousands every day all over the world, and Pakistani media is criticizing; why the PM hasn't dressed appropriately? The country is going through the most devastating situation, It has ever faced, and you are worried about how the PM should look? This only tells me...
  8. Adeel

    A Pakistani's message from Italy

  9. Adeel

    Alarming Situation - Just spoke to someone at Ministry Of Health

    I just called in to get better access to the information and data related to Coronavirus. Below was his response: "the count won't even matter in the next few days, you will be seeing a massive increase and every minute, we'll have a new patient" It makes sense to me, the only way we find...
  10. Adeel

    How do you think Coronavirus will change the world & Pakistan?

    According to the experts, we're in the very initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that 60-70% of the German population is likely to get infected. It is going to take 15-18 months at least to prepare a vaccine for it. The stock market has already...