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    Khan is Khan

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    جواب لمبا ضرور لیکن زبانیں لمبی رکھنے والوں کو جواب بھی تو لمبا چاہیے

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. After long time there is a well written article. Fed-up of some self clamed intellectual's substandard writings, in which they consume half of it for self praising.
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    PM Imran Khan World Success , How did money laundering stop? Imran Khan

    Imran Bhai, It was initiated by PM Imran Khan to stop money laundering to rich countries, and he repeated in on all forums. But you didn't mentioned his name a single time. No doubt Imran is not only national but international leader.
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    How truly this "Saying" fits in Today's Pakistan

    Why did you bring her name when a coward, retarded traitor was under discussion.
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    How truly this "Saying" fits in Today's Pakistan

    Comparing madar e Millat with him, shows where are you coming from.
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    How truly this "Saying" fits in Today's Pakistan

    Yes he was not getting the share he expected, so he turned against the nation. He was just a power and fame greedy, for that he could go to any level, Kissing the feet of hindu or communist doesn't matter for him.
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    How truly this "Saying" fits in Today's Pakistan

    He was so much in inferiority complex that he took his mane after a hindu leader and call himself Sarhadi Ghandhi. What a shame.
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    The statement is more important than the AID “Canada calls on Israel to stop settlement activities, including those in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. These activities are a violation of international law and must cease. Canada reiterates that it does not recognize permanent Israeli control...
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    کوئی الزام ہی نیا تراش لو، ہر دفعہ لڑکی کے بھائیوں نے مارا ہے

    Oh Ghagda ka bacho koi nia kam he kar lo, Iss umar mai bhi agar larkion ko charo ga tu wohi ilzam laga ga. "Minds with stunted growth due to patwari thinking never grow up"
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    دو ریاستوں کا قیام ہی اسرائیل۔فلسطین تنازع کا واحد حل ہے، جو بائیڈن

    Main na Joothon par lanat bhaji thi bhai! What was post #8? you started it. What was the justification to bring internal rift when topic requires unity of the Ummah.
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    دو ریاستوں کا قیام ہی اسرائیل۔فلسطین تنازع کا واحد حل ہے، جو بائیڈن

    Lanat ullah ilal Kazibeen Dunya ka koi bhi topic ho, tu tafarqa bazi par la jata haa, Tuja Allah ka koof nahee?
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    CNN anchor gets offended on Shah Mehmood Qureshi's remarks about Israel

    He didn't forgot to mention Kashmir.
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    اس بیچارے کی پٹوارنا سوچ بڑی پرانی ہے

    He is a very talented and hard working cricket, We are fan of his cricket. BUT He is a fame greedy, He can do anything to remain in news. He make videos of carrying food bags on his shoulders or helping poor etc. Always conscious about his beauty, complexation and here style. His character is...
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    !!!اسرائیل عرب ممالک سے زیادہ پاکستان کا دشمن ہے

    Israel has problem with those who don't leave, and handed over their homes and places of worship to Israeli settler coming from all over the world. She has also problem with those who condemn Israel's brutal, barbaric and ruthless attacks on bare handed civilians.