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    ایک پٹوارن کا پر زور احتجاج

    Oh bhai saari dunya ke liye ye ulta hai laikin es patwaran ke liye tou ye seedha hai dunya ki har ulti cheez ki tarah.
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    Agli dafa pooray Pakistan main hamari hukumat ho gi

    when it comes to Sindh and Sindhi brothers, my optimism is near to zero percent. PPP has produced a nation of zombies in interior Sindh in the name of sindhi nationalism and they do not care about well being of themselves or their generations to come. Bas bhutto amara zinda rahe bacche hamare...
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    بیرون ملک مقیم پاکستانی پاکستان کے مسائل سے آگاہی نہیں رکھتے، ارسطو

    He is absolutely right. He is talking about bhagora shareef family and their chronicles.
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    بیرون ملک پاکستانیوں کے ووٹ کا بل قومی اسمبلی سے پاس

    Once it becomes law then he can not do anything except implementing it, yeah but "terkhalogy" he will use up to its maximum extent.
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    اینکر طارق متین سے کراچی میں واردات ہو گئی۔ ویلکم ٹو کراچی

    Yaar, it is good if you keep staying on Karachi issues, do not speak the lines from kaala dayoos urf Taafoo.
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    باؤ جی باتھ روم میں چھپ گئے

    wo nokar bhi faarigh hi rehta hai. Baoji bahar aaein tou safai karega na.
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    شاہ محمو کی شرمناک ڈارمے بازیاں

    I am sure they could do that but there is evidence that this was a clear hate crime.
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    From Hasan Nisar to Mazhar Abbas, most of them are in Malik Riaz's Pocket!

    Who to trust upon in our society?? How can we justify when we say " soon and ultimately Insha Allah Pakistan will be a good place to live".
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    حکومتی اتحادی جماعت کی ایوان سے واک آؤٹ اور پریس کانفرنس کی دھمکی

    Until they hear the whistle they are harmless and will work on the same old wages.
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    Come to Sindh and See the Progress, Bilawal!!!

    Mohin jo Daro poses a threat to developments in Sindh in the last decade.
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    Bahawalpur's Punjab Police Officer seeks help from PM Imran Khan

    I can feel that he is speaking his heart and is abused by corrupt superiors. He should be helped by high authorities.
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    4 Masked men try to enter Hassan Nawaz's office,MNS was also there

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    IK should arrest Malik Riaz

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    IK should arrest Malik Riaz

    What is he? He is just a batair of "parda nasheen" and a drum for common people to beat.
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    Erdugan on Israel-Latest

    We are bani_israel part II. Koi leader ban ke khara ho ke tou dikhaey. Asi aap ei oh di maa noon y----w--n--ge. Problem is not that we do not have leader, we do not have followers. We have people like you.