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  1. Nain

    Legend is Back

    We have a legend Judge who seeks life guarantee of rich and corrupt people. Justice Athar Minallah wanted Imran Khan to guarantee Nawaz life. Now He is back again with new legendary order. He ordered FIA to do investigation against Asad Toor in Shifa Yousafzai case but do not call or question...
  2. Nain

    General on Extension is NO General

    General Bajwa lost all his authority when he begged for votes from Opposition for his extension. General who defends corruption and give NRO to corrupt elite has no moral authority too. General Bajwa has lost his own honour, how he can defend the honour of the Institution. General on Extension...
  3. Nain

    Kenya donates 12 tonnes of food products to India

    Kenya has donated 12 tonnes of food products to India as part of its COVID-19 relief efforts, a statement said on Friday. The east African country has sent 12 tonnes of tea, coffee and groundnut produced locally to the Indian Red Cross Society, it said adding that the packets will be distributed...
  4. Nain

    Another Javed Hashmi in the making

    If Javed Hashmi didn't have betrayed Imran Khan, He would have been the current President of Pakistan. He betrayed Imran Khan and now he is done and dusted. Similarly Jahangir Tareen is becoming another Javed Hashmi. He will soon become trash if continue his current path. Moreover the...
  5. Nain

    Army is Openly Opposing Accountability

    In the latest development the Serving Army officials are found doing corruption in Ring Road Rawalpindi Project. Many Serving and Retired Army Generals are Financially Corrupt which is why they are opposing Accountability and weakening Imran Khan. It is very shameful for Pakistanis that our...
  6. Nain

    Why Army is against Accountability? Another Scam Surfaced

    Army is against Accountability because their Generals are involved in Corruption. Gen Asim Bajwa, Gen Javed Qazi, Gen Kayani, Gen Rizwan, Admiral Mansoor, .. etc. there is the long list of Generals who's corruption is proved, and many are hidden. Now in Ring Road Rawalpindi Scam, Generals are...
  7. Nain

    Generals' Judge

  8. Nain

    System is Collapsing NOT Imran Khan

    Imran Khan has exposed the system and now everyone knows there is a mafia and corrupt people everywhere - which he called Elite Capture. In this country even Supreme Court Judges are corrupt too, recent Faez Isa example proved it. Bhutto is remembered because he gave political conscious to...
  9. Nain

    Turkey arrested over 362 Senior Judges for Corruption. The London Post

    The recent Pakistani Supreme Court judgment in favor of Justice Feaz Easa by brother judges ignoring the commonsense rule of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ has saddened the legal community worldwide as well as Pakistani nation. The judge and his Spanish wife failed to provide the evidence of his...
  10. Nain

    Kuwait: Eight judges arrested on suspicion of bribery. GULF NEWS

    Kuwait: Eight judges arrested on suspicion of bribery, referred to Criminal Court The move emphasizes country’s dedication to fighting corruption Dubai: A total of eight judges, three lawyers and six administrators in the Kuwait Appellate courts have been referred by the Public Prosecution to...
  11. Nain

    Pathetic Performance of Sonia Sadaf - AC Sialkot

    This was recorded on 11 April 2021. No Sugar, High Inflation and Substandard food. Now In front of camera she is giving fines, was she sleeping before? Today Instead of accepting her mistake, she started arguing with Firdous Ashiq Awan, like her Saaas. and She was promoting PML-N by...
  12. Nain

    We are highly Incompetent

    General Bajwa in his recent discussion with TV Anchors said we were unaware of Nawaz escape drama and plan. Similarly he said they don't know how Sharif Family is managing Judges and Manipulating them. Similarly in Senate Election many MNA's got sold but Intelligence Agencies failed to Inform...
  13. Nain

    میری بیوی مر گئی تھی۔ جسٹس منظور ملک

    فائز عیسیٰ اور سرینا عیسیٰ کے حق میں اپنا ابتدائی فیصلہ تبدیل کرنے کے بعد ، جسٹس منظور ملک نے وضاحت پیش کی کہ ان کی بیوی کا انتقال ہو گیا تھا جب وہ ہائی کورٹ کے جج تھے۔ منظور ملک سمجھانا چاہتا تھا کہ اس نے فائز عیسیٰ کی طرح بیوی کے نام پر ناجائز پیسہ نہیں بنایا۔ پھر سوال پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ منظور...
  14. Nain

    The Great Betrayal

    Before the extension General Bajwa gave strong impression that he is against corruption and support Imran Khan's Accountability drive however it was a betrayal. Before securing extension all major opposition leaders were arrested and even Rana Sana was arrested by ANF, which is directly under...
  15. Nain

    Attention! Rs 50 Stamp Paper Judge is Back

    After the split decision on the bail matter of Shahbaz Sharif, it was expected that Referee Judge will be appointed. However CJ Qasim as always, played foul, and gave a favour to Sharifs', constituted a new 3 member bench. Out of 3, 2 members are proven dishonest and Sharif family allies...
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  17. Nain

    Justice Sarfraz Dogar is a Liar: Justice Asjad Javed

    Justice Sarfraz in his written order said, Bail Judgement was initially agreed by Justice Asjad however Justice Asjad in his written order said: it was shocking to see Justice Sarfraz announced judgement through court associate, without my consent and I rejected the bail in the court room as...