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    After TLP, Establishment is ready to relaunch another Fitna...

    hey desan desan PTI PAID PATWARI do you have any proof that pak army is launching qadri ? demanding the justice of bloodshed of modeltown for u its means army is destablizing the country ? and putting the clip of 24 NEWS channel which has no credibility highly known for fake news backed by SAFMA...
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    Hamid Mir Call Leak Gone Viral , Hamid Mir And Hamid Mir Father History

    Please don't misguide LHC has nothing to do in it it's a simply case of islamabad high court 1st thing first Imran should fulfill his own duty first at least we people can testify that Imran tried he didn't lack of his duty but he is accepting the defeat without even trying then he should stop...
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    Are there any crypto investors on this forum?
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    Hamid Mir Call Leak Gone Viral , Hamid Mir And Hamid Mir Father History

    I dont why Imran khan is waiting to arrest him he did hate speech and incitement of violence against the state and its machinery
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    Amazing Healing Powers!!!

    yaar yeh kaise log ha humare media mein q yeh apne watan apni maa se pyaar nahi kerte
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    وزارت صحت نے بھارتی کورونا کی قسم کے پاکستان میں پہلے کیس کی تصدیق کر دی

    does pakistan has latest medical equipment or technologies to dectect new variants ?
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    لو جی شاہد مسعود نے نیا کٹا کھول دیا - ١٢٠٠ ارب کی کرپشن عمران خان کے نام

    Why don't you say openly that your Imran khan is your diloo ka gurdu ka kalejoo ka wazir e azam ha like nawaz sharif Pakistan jaye bhaar mein lekin karni hai tou sirf aur sirf shaksiyaat parasti Tell me why your Imran khan took u turn on sohaib suddle once he came in power ? When he was in...
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    لو جی شاہد مسعود نے نیا کٹا کھول دیا - ١٢٠٠ ارب کی کرپشن عمران خان کے نام

    Go do your studies about technocratic setup we don't need to build a parliament cabinet or senate for that you asking 50 names from me go do your studies about Italy Belgium Luxembourg.... . They always come for short time period and put back the country on it's track they are always 5 or 8...
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    لو جی شاہد مسعود نے نیا کٹا کھول دیا - ١٢٠٠ ارب کی کرپشن عمران خان کے نام

    Bring technocratic government and throw out in gutter PTI PMLN/Q/S/F/T ANP MQM PPP JUIF JAMAT E ISLAMI PTM they all are blood suckers
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    Turkey will support both politically and militarily each step of the way

    Erdoğan proposes new administration for Jerusalem
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    PM imran khan received a telephone call from Dr. Mahathir Mohammad

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    Real picture of israel situation .

    Anchor Imran we know already what you saying about Israeli influences or potential for the last 35 years on all over the western world tell us rather about our role in this vicious genocide of Palestine why don't we make nato type alliance of 4 Muslim countries why Pm Imran khan didn't attend...
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    Exemplary Pakistani hospitality

    jab pakistani khud bahar se ate ha tou inko tou ek roupia bhi kam nahi kerte ulta qeemat ziada bara chara ker baatyeinge
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    Turkey arrested over 362 Senior Judges for Corruption. The London Post

    IK dose'nt have balls to do this but NS has he proved it he sacked COAS PM in 99 and attacked SC of pakistan i dont like NS but he is more courageous than IK
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    تبدیلی آرہی ہے؟ شوکت ترین کی کانفرنس کے اہم نقاط

    so finally PM IK assigned him my greatest regret that i voted for IK
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    Sack C Murad Shah & his cabinet

    You live in fool of paradise pti and ppp doing nooraKhushti if Imran removes sindh government then ppp joins back PDM to remove federal government That's why Imran khan gave ppp government 500 million rupees of fund as a ransom so Imran khan remains as PM till 5 years peacefully they have...