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    I did not Vote for these ... I want to know who did ??? Government in a glance in PTI Govt. People in Trouble: 1- Aleem Khan 2 - Jahangir Tareen People in Power 1 - Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi 2 - Tariq Bashir Cheema People in Luxury Suits 1 - Shahbaz Sharif 2 - Hamza Shahbaz People...
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    Seriously Shaukat Tareen ? A BIG PUPPET PM ?

    Everyone can check my posts and like .... Always support PTI ... But ..... Sorry ... I would like to read comments in support of new Finance Minister... I would like to see who can... and how can ...
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    Want some CASH ? Go to PML(N) rally .. :)

    Is terhan logon ko bulana hay tu kitnay rallies ker lain gay ??? Log dehari lagay aee hain ... Siyasi worker nahi Dehari dar hain ...
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    Let alone Nawaz n Zardari ... Just look at this Lawyer condust in court ...

    Look at this Lawyer how he scold the judge on the duty in court ... and put a lock on this court ... What was the action against this lawyers ???? We are expecting justice from this system ... who will give justice to this Judge ???
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    PMLN MPA Jalil Sharaqpuri rejects Nawaz Sharif's anti-establishment stance

    2nd After Ahsan Iqbal ... Wait for others to follow ...'s-MPA-Jalil-Sharaqpuri-rejects-Nawaz-Sharif's-anti-establishment-stance
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    Just For a Change... Nice updates about new projects

    Kuch achi batin bhi sun lain ... for a change ...
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    Sugar Done What about Auto Mafia?200% inflated prices having half features?

    Pakistan, We need to take care of Auto Industry Mafia as well. Just compare the CAR prices in India and Pakistan and there features. Local manufacturers are selling us comparatively insecure vehicles on 200% inflated prices... Govt. should create a competitive environment for auto industries...
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    Molana Tariq Jameel Sb say is terhan Mafi mangwanay walo ka Hashar kiya ho ga?

    Molana Tariq Jameel Sb jis ka PEGHAM puhancha rahay hain ... Agar us ko bura lag gaya tu ????
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    CORONA Medical Kit Cost Rs 189/- Market Price from Rs 2500 to Rs 5000..

    Story of Young entrepreneur donated 40,000 Medical Kits and expose Garment industry for making hefty profits upon corona medical kits دن رات جاگ کر ڈاکٹروں کو مفت 40 ہزار میڈیکل کٹس فراہم کرنے والے ہیرو کی دل ہلا دینے والی باتیں Medical Kit Cost Rs 189/- Only and being sold in Market from Rs...
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    PTI and PML-N are playing a Fixed Match ... making fool out of PTI workers and supporters

    PTI and PML-N is playing a Fixed Match ... making fool out of PTI workers and supporters Today events are because PTI Cabinet decided against their claims of accountability and letting NAWAZ SHARIF Go. ONE thing is CLEAR Nawaz Sharif can not go out by LAW... He Needs an order Singed By IMRAN...
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    Pakistani Response after Indian fake surgical strike

    Please dont laugh
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    Simple comparison between Nawaz Shrif and Imran Khan in light of Supreme Court Statments

    Draw your Opinion in light of two supreme court statements. Pakistan supreme Court quotes The Godfather in its Nawaz Shraif-Panama Papers Case Order The Pakistan Supreme Court ordered a special probe into corruption allegations against PM Nawaz Sharif today. The judgement, borrows a quote...