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  1. Sheerheartattack

    Speaker NA Asad Qaiser adjourns Session till further notice

    Speaker failed to control the house and should have taken better steps, rather than a consensus he is the custodian of the house and needs to adhere to rules. PMLN broke all rules despite agreements in meetings beforehand. PMLN want to create instability , chaos and a bad perception of all...
  2. Sheerheartattack

    Heated Debate Between Bilawal Bhutto Zardari VS Shah Mehmood Qureshi in NA

    Shameful corrupt PPP trying to mislead the public with low level political off topic debate, funny thing was watching the face of Naz Baloch turncoat and sell-out backing a corrupt leader talking like a kid for media political point scoring.
  3. Sheerheartattack

    After refusing US Secretary State's call,PM refused to meet CIA officials

    That's because they are connected and have always been connected......
  4. Sheerheartattack

    After refusing US Secretary State's call,PM refused to meet CIA officials

    lol Dawn :( one of the biggest destabilizing proxy news media propaganda agents shujauddin comments are valid as trolls/fake news is/are rife in the forum and within PTI SMT , (some get evaluated to SAPM and others become channel hosts) , but his comments are 100% correct hence you have a forum...
  5. Sheerheartattack

    Ahsan Iqbal emotional speech on Canada Incident in National Assembly

    The one that was disgusting with PPP Qadir Patel asking for dialogue with Israel , what a scumbag lowlife traitor, criminal sell-out . As for Aristotle he read the script beforehand on the agenda items and merely used as per seriatim, political point scoring for impressions.
  6. Sheerheartattack

    After refusing US Secretary State's call,PM refused to meet CIA officials

    validity of the post is zero due to third party clown bloggers.
  7. Sheerheartattack

    Orya Maqbool Jan gives clear message to PM Imran Khan

    wtf is this title? . seriously...,,,anyway never watched this guy and has about zero value credibility as a journalist
  8. Sheerheartattack

    حامد میر جیو کا حصہ نہیں رہے ؟ فائر کرنا اور کیا ہوتا ہے..: حامد میر

    Geo drama milking publicity for the low public view counts and dwindling audience level..... Watch and advertise on proper patriotic Pakistani channels
  9. Sheerheartattack

    عالمی یوم ماحولیات: ابرارالحق کا مشہورگاناگاکروزیراعظم کو خراج تحسین

    I like Abrar but,,,,,,,,,Sorry but his song was a mess , playback speed was faster than the original making him sound like a schoolboy . song choice was diabolical , out dated and nothing which would appeal to a global audience ... This a failure of Pakistan music industry like the movie...
  10. Sheerheartattack

    ن لیگ میں بیانیے کی جنگ میں شدت،پرویز رشید سینئر رہنمامشاہد حیسن پر برس پڑے

    Two wrongs don't make a right both are deceitful and dishonest, both have been paid back handers from Nawaz Sharif one's ego is bigger than the others loyalty to Nawaz Sharif
  11. Sheerheartattack

    Saher Pasha’s befitting reply on Malala’s controversial statement

    Malala will be WIP moulded by proxy agents for Slumdog success
  12. Sheerheartattack

    Is Maria B right to criticize Indian designer Abhinav Mishra's shoot in Pak

    It reminds me of when Nazia Hussain sold her soul to India for the sake of glam and extra rupees and yet is for some odd reasons is revered as a Pakistani legacy? One hit wonder turned her back on Pakistan .........Also Adnan Sami disgraced traitor from privileged Pakistan peerage gave up his...
  13. Sheerheartattack

    Imran Khan addresses virtual launch Gala of UN Decade on Ecosystem Restorat

    Why share capital tv links when they are biased against the Government and funded by PPP Mafia ? Capital TV should be stripped as a PTV partner when they don't contribute , also spend daily hours plotting against the government , yet want their social media team to share clips in forums for...
  14. Sheerheartattack

    عمران خان کا یارکر | مودی بولڈ ہوگیا | Imran Khan Exclusive

    What do the following people have in common? Raman Lamba , Simon O'Donnell, Phillip DeFreitas and Dean Jones....the only people I saw who manage to hit a 6 of Imran Khan,,,, waffle post for a waffle thread.
  15. Sheerheartattack

    صحافیوں کی حامد میر کے خلاف بغاوت

    He deserves an NRO to be kicked out the country for good.
  16. Sheerheartattack

    Kuwait resumes visas for Pakistani citizens after ten years of suspension

    When you use third party bloggers you lower the quality of the real valid content and state sources , while the practise of some two face Social Media touts is to promote their own people it defeats the objective , that's why you have crap content on many so called Official PTI pages which is...
  17. Sheerheartattack

    ایٹمی دھماکےنوازشریف کافیصلہ تھا اسٹیبلشمنٹ کاکوئی کردارنہیں تھا۔مشاہد حسین

    Lies and this is well documented you can not deceive the people just because Nawaz Sharif gave you a massive bonus pay-out, Scumbag Mushahid Hussain should burn in hell.