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  1. Eigle

    Khan is Khan

  2. Eigle

    A total abuse of the UN Human Rights Council

    We could tell you about how several Members of the European Parliament’s genuine positions on human rights were abused by Indian Chronicles – the name we gave to the 15-year operation we exposed yesterday. But here, on this Human Rights Day, we will focus exclusively on the UN Human Rights...
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    Family involved in theft of $11M of COVID-19 relief funds, Ontario govt

    A probe into the alleged theft of $11 million in pandemic relief cash will also examine contractors and subcontractors linked to a fired government computer employee, the Star has learned. Queen’s Park and the Ontario Provincial Police anti-rackets squads are conducting separate investigations...
  4. Eigle

    Media Mafia VS Sensible Media

    Check how anchor is giving time full time to minister to explain. Where as our anchor never give chance to complete a single sentence without interruption.