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  1. Lubnakhan

    RED ZONE FILES: Darkness at Noon

    Something very strange and alarming is happening inside the PML-N. The party that has reigned over the country three times and believes it is the most popular outfit today, is taking vicarious and delicious pleasure in cutting its nose to spite its face. “It is absolutely bizarre,” says a party...
  2. Lubnakhan

    Israel- hazrat yaqoob (a.s)

    There is a post circulating in WhatsApp groups and it says you can’t denounce/ curse Israel because Israel is actually name of hazrat yaqoob (a.s) !!is it true? I want opinion of only those who side with 🇵🇸 And have religious knowledge!
  3. Lubnakhan

    Winner or loser certainly not quitters

    I think there is no need of panicking!! Chaos is not what our country needs!! The vote of no confidence election has to be an open election with show of hand, and this election was not so! even though Yousaf raza won, this is not necessarily absolute loss for PTI. We should refrain from...
  4. Lubnakhan

    How can one learn making applications for mobile phones

    My son wants to learn making apps for mobiles, he has learnt html coding, css and some Java!! He used this you tube channel to learn all this stuff. There was no help from home! Majid Ali Web Designing Course in urdu Lecture 3 | Sir Majid Ali | How to Learn Web Designing But now he is stuck ...