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    Crashed Pakistan A320 jet insured for $19.7 million: airline document

    top line example ... why insurance is low $19.7m
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    Crashed Pakistan A320 jet insured for $19.7 million: airline document

    Airbus A320-200 1990/95 FOR SALE USD $ 6.2M to USD $ 7.2M 15 Year Old Airbus 320 Bought from China Eastern Airlines 5 Yrs Ago
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    Main Gunahon Se Itna Tauba Nahi Krta Jitna Imran khan Ko Vote De kr Krta Hoon

    محمد کریم مصر کا حکمران تھا اچانک فرانس نے مصر پہ حملہ کر دیا نپولین فرانس کا بادشاہ تھا محمد کریم اپنے ملک کے لیئے جتنا لڑ سکتا تھا لڑا لیکن بدقسمتی سے فرانس نے اس کو ہرا دیا اور مصر پر قبضہ کر لیا نپولین بونا پارٹ کے فوجیوں نے محمد کریم کو زنجیروں میں جکڑ کر اس کے سامنے پیش کر دیا نپولین نے...
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    Tuluk Kumar response on his brother Baldev Kumar's request of asylum in India

    Baldev Kumar Ma.indian ke anken nekal donga
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    Banners in favour of India in islamabad ... What the hell is going on :@

    Printing press is located in Blue Area. Mr Naeem the owner of the press has been arrested and further handed over to agencies. Mr. Naeem revealed that the order was placed by Mr. Saqib Bajwa. Raids being conducted by MI and ATS to arrest Saqib Bajwa.He is president PMLN youth wing, Gujranwala
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    حضرت محمد ﷺ کی شخصیت کا تعارف - از جاوید غامدی

    great research and original face of religion that almighty Allah gave to mankind
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    Petition to bring back Asher Azeem and reinstate him on his former position submitted

    PM Imran khan sahab plz bring this guy back to pakistan.
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    Kashmiri students rescued in chandigarh by sikh community