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    آزاد کشمیر میں الیکشن کل ہوگا لیکن سلیکشن پہلے ہو چکی ہے، سراج الحق

    frustration frustration will despair you more review your strategy
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    تم کرو تو ڈانس

    hamid mir talaat hussain and many lifafa khors are active on this forum, This is apparent from there hesitation to come wit logic but they indulge in fake propaganda
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    What is this General sb ?

    now after disappointment in winning the election maryum media cell and the daku sitting in london is doing his best to create and throw mud on transparency of elections THEY will cry dhandli and have started preparing for this rona.
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    آستین کے سانپ

    Foj pr jb direct hamly honay lagay tu woh backfoot pr aagay
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    : مہوش حیات: کرکٹروزیراعظم بن سکتا ہے تو ایک اداکارہ کیوں نہیں

    ab dekho aik razil apni dehari kay liay snsni khez thread laga rha hay tu tum bhi kuch kr lo razalat say behtar hi kro gi
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    ھیں چور ؟؟؟؟؟

    So these are accounts which IKs appointed officials didnot dislose? what is big in it ? what you are accusing ?there is no evidence given by you
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    Turk Warriors on the front line against the Taliban

    During the rule of Nato and ghani pakistan faced PTM TTP and other subversions and if taliban take over afghanistan pakistans western border will be safe but turmoil within Afghanistan will continue without broader agreement
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    Turk Warriors on the front line against the Taliban

    Peace comes only under shahs a centralised Govt. on the other hand talibans tried to impose there strict rather cultural Islam on everyone without negotiations and an agreement on the form of Government there will not be peace.
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    Worst Crowd ever for Pakistani fans in the stadium

    Pakistan cricket team lack mental strength they are choi moi when they dont perform and are babbar shair when they give better performance. They need to perform well consistently as they are paid for it. we need foreign coaches as they dont allow players to have there way. misbah may be...
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    طالبان کے بڑھتے قدم: کیا انڈیا کو کابل میں اپنا سفارت خانہ بند کرنا پڑے گا

    Taliban ku afghanistan ku stability ki trf lay kr jaana hoga extremism ku shun krna hoga aur saarya dharon ku mumkina hd tk saath rkhnay ki koshish krni hogi.
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    Gas sector circular debt crosses Rs532bn

    Analyse the Income statement of both companies and bring the costs down
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    PTI approaches Sindh political leaders to form joint front against PPP...

    Arbab Ghulam rahim ki aik seat hay woh bhi buhut mushkil PTI ka impression pooray mulk main theek krnay ki zaroorat hay. PTI 2018 ki position say buhut neechay hay.aaj hakoomat chali jaay tu PTI aur IK kay paas dikhanay kay lia kuch nahin hay.
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    سلام ماں جی ۔۔۔ ہم شرمندہ ہیں 🙏 ہمیں معاف کر دیں ۔۔

    Abhi main transgender Kay school main aik teacher ka interview parh rha tha us nain kha kay jb woh bus pr college jaanay kay liay mills tu bus main mojood lrkon nay aawazay kasay aur Isla Khoib mazaq uraya Main is qom pr Ghor krnay lga Kay yeh kesi Qom hay aur Isla kia character hay...
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    حکومت کی منت کرتا ہوں ابھی امتحانات نہ لیں۔۔خواجہ سعد رفیق

    is knjar kay haami jin knjron nay exam nahi dena.......... woh na dain aur aglay saal pori tayari say dain laikin jo dena chah rhay hain unki raah khoti na krain