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    Nawaz Sharif meeting with Afghan NSA was to pressurize Pak Goverment!!!

    Parchi Sharif aka Nawaz Dakoo wants to embarrass the government and the establishment.This idiots is acting like a spoilt child.He still thinks he and his family are the rightful rulers of Pakistan.They should rule Pakistan for ever.He is still bitter about his conviction and removal from...
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    نواز شریف کی محب الوطنی پر شک کرناپارلیمنٹ، ووٹرز کی تذلیل ہے،علی پرویز ملک

    Shame on this idiot for defending a convicted criminal and absconder who is sitting London and colluding with enemies of Pakistan to harm the country.These slaves must ditch Nawaz Dakoo.He is a traitor.End of discussion.
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    Nawaz Shareef , still the most powerful leader of Pakistan.

    Nawaz has no power at all.He does not have popular support.He would not have run away to London if he had support from the masses.During his tenure the economy became import oriented.He made no attempt to increase exports.Textile industry shut down during his tenure.Trade deficit remained...
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    اگر انہوں نے ہی حکومتیں بنانی ہیں تو پھر عوام کون ہیں؟ نواز شریف

    Parchi Sharif aka Nawaz Dakoo was selected by Gen Zia.This is part of history and this hypocrite can not fool anyone except his blind followers.He never won any election fairly.
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    نادرا کے ڈیٹابیس کی جانچ پڑتال کا کام جنگی بنیادوں پر شروع کر دیا گیا

    NADRA should ask people to prove they are Pakistanis.If they can’t then cancel their ID cards.The onus falls on people to show proof.It will be useful to store full biometric data in the database.DNA should be stored as well.
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    آزاد کشمیر میں الیکشن کل ہوگا لیکن سلیکشن پہلے ہو چکی ہے، سراج الحق

    I don’t understand what happened to this molvi.He has completely lost it.It may be due to frustration.He knows JI has lost its vote bank to PTI may be that is the reason he is making ridiculous statement against PTI.JI used to have a lot of support in Karachi,Lahore and KPK but it is gone...
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    Pakistan’s peaceful existence with its neighbours is Nawaz Sharif ideology

    Nice spin by Nani 420.When Nawaz says peaceful existence he means acceptance of illegal occupation of Kashmir by India,acceptance of Indian hegemony and appeasing pro Hindu Afghan leaders like Mohib.
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    PML-N head meets Hamdullah Mohid who called Pakistan a brothel...

    Shame on Parchi Sharif for meeting an enemy of Pakistan.Mohib and Amrullah are two obnoxious and disgraceful Indian snakes who have issued shameful and poisonous statements against Pakistan.The convicted criminal Parchi Sharif cares more about his own interests than Pakistan’s interest.He should...
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    بدتمیز یوتھیے کا عابد شیر علی نے علاج کردیا

    Why don’t these criminals go back to Pakistan?.If they are not involved in any wrong doing then what are they afraid of?.How can they afford to live in luxury in an expensive city like London?.
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    Senior journalist Arif Nizami breathes last in Lahore

    Never liked this guy.He was working for Parchi Sharif.He will not remembered for anything.It is sad that people are still abusing him.There is no justification for this.
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    Turk Warriors on the front line against the Taliban

    The Afghan will get very angry but I firmly believe that Afghanistan is a lost cause.It is not a viable state.May be Afghanistan should be carved up by its neighbours.Tajikstan can annex Tajik areas,Uzbek areas become part of Uzbekistan,Turkmen areas go to Turkmenistan,Iran takes western...
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    Turk Warriors on the front line against the Taliban

    They are not Turks.Turks are from Turkey.These people are Turkic people.They share similar language and culture.Turkish people came to Turkey from Central Asia.It is like saying people from Tajikstan are Iranian just because Tajik language is related to dialects of Farsi.It is natural for...
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    Erdogan warning to Taliban

    Turkish troops did not take part in any fighting.They were non combatants.Turkey has been asked by Afghan gov and Uncle Shame to run Kabul airport.If the airport is not safe them most diplomats will leave.Kabul will once again will be embroiled in fighting because Taliban would want to capture...
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    Turk Warriors on the front line against the Taliban

    These are Uzbeks not Turks.Turkic people live all over Central Asia.In Russia there are 30 regions where Turkic people live.Well known Turkic people are Tatars,Bashkirs and Chuvash.Turkic does not mean they are Turkish nationals.They share similar languages and culture.All Turkic people are not...
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    ناکارہ بسیں،غیر تربیت یافتہ ڈرائیورز کب تک زندگیوں کے چراغ گل کرتے رہیں گے؟

    Some of the reasons for high number of accidents in Pakistan.I have not lived in Pakistan or driven Pakistan but this is my impression after talking to relatives and info obtained from news papers,tv channel etc 1.Most drivers are driving without passing a driving test 2.The driving test is the...
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    میری تقاریر فوجی جوان ریڈیو پر سنتے ہیں، مریم نواز کا دعوی

    She is becoming delusional.She can not tell what is real from what is imagined.If PTI wins the 2023 elections then Naani and PMLN will be finished.It will split into many factions.
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    اصل اس مکار عورت نے کشمیریوں کا امتحان لینا شروع کردیا

    One big mistake by Gen Zia caused catastrophic damage to Pakistan.It is time to say good bye to corrupt Parchi Sharif and his family.This family is a security risk to Pakistan.No one from this family should be allowed to get into power again.Sharifs got enough chances but could not deliver.They...
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    داسو ڈیم سانحہ، پاکستان کا سب سے بہترین دوست چین ڈیم مکمل کئے بغیر فرار

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.Why was not maximum security provided to the Chinese.It is an open secret that Indian RAW and Afghan NDS have terror camps in Afghanistan as well as sleeper cells in Pakistan yet strict security is not enforced.Pakistan should ask China to provide surveillance...
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    میں شاید ازبکستان کی تاریخ یہاں کے زیادہ تر لوگوں سے زیادہ جانتا ہوں۔عمران

    Many foreigners know more about Pakistan’s history than local Pakistanis.However it was not appropriate to say this in front of locals.It is politically not correct.
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    عمران نیازی کی اشرف غنی کے سامنے میاؤں میاؤں

    The thread starter is an ignorant fool who has forgotten how Nawaz Parchi Sharif and Zardari aka Mr 10% used to let down Pakistan.They never defended Pakistan on any forum.Imran’s reply was measured and correct.Some people wanted to see a wrestling match at this international forum which would...