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    COVID19 FUND - 5 Family for next 3 Month - Best Trade Deal

    I DONATED £2000 GBP. Please come forward. The sign of Momenin is they feed poorer and remind them for Salah. DONATE and TURN your Wealth into 100 times more. Trade with Allah ( Allah will reward and return as per his mercy in this world and hereafter) Click on the link below and DONATE NOW...
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    No Apple Store nearby? Computer hardware STOLEN from India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier

    When it comes to computer heists, you might expect criminals to target their local electronics store. But in India, an enterprising thief (or group of crooks) managed to swipe hardware from… an aircraft carrier. Police are currently probing the theft of a hard disk, random access memory (RAM)...
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    آج اپ یاد بے حساب آئے_ فخر پاکستان جنرل ( ر ) حمیدگل صاحب مرحوم.

    سر ! آج اپ یاد بیحساب آئے_ فخر پاکستان جنرل( ر )حمیدگل صاحب مرحوم. اللہ تعالی آپکو جنت الفردوس میں اعلی مقام عطاء فرمائے ِ. آمین!