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  1. concern_paki

    Dual Dirty Face of India

    As there is a showoff religiously in India that COW is there mother and they worship COW and there is a hatred in between Hindu and Muslim even has crossed the limits of humanity and goes beyond torture. Just come thru a website, showing India is 4th largest exporter of Beef, dual dirty face of...
  2. concern_paki

    Case on Imran Khan in IHC - Can be alarming

    there is a case ion Imran Khan's eligibility, as he stated something about civil laws once during his sitover, anyone knows how critical is this and can it be a danger for Imran Khan
  3. concern_paki

    Pakistan is in the state of WAR - Financial this time

    Economy is going down, prices are inflated, dollar exchange rate is highest in the history, media is blaming the Government like anything, Opposition is blaming the Government. Do you guys think are they sincere with the country, are they sincere with the people of Pakistan, are they fighting...
  4. concern_paki

    Congratulations to Dr. Shahid Masood

  5. concern_paki

    Indian WAVE

  6. concern_paki

    Idea of Democracy

  7. concern_paki

    Need of a better forum with better Admins is getting partial

    We need to get a better new forum started as this is getting more politicized and being partial towards the corrupt elements. This partiality is getting increased every other day and the admins/mods are misusing their rights as most of the people who write on this forum are the real patriots and...
  8. concern_paki

    See where PMLN stands..LOL

  9. concern_paki

    Appointments in army: Lt Gen Asim Munir new DG ISI

    راولپنڈی: پاک فوج میں لیفٹیننٹ جنرل کے عہدے پر تقرریاں اور تعینایاں عمل میں لائی گئی ہیں جب کہ لیفٹیننٹ جنرل عاصم منیر کو ڈائریکٹر جنرل آئی ایس آئی تعینات کردیا گیا۔ پاک فوج کے شعبہ تعلقات عامہ (آئی ایس پی آر) کے مطابق لیفٹننٹ جنرل عاصم منیر ڈی جی آئی ایس آئی جب کہ لیفٹیننٹ جنرل ندیم ذکی کو کور...
  10. concern_paki

    Price we paid in fighting War of Terror created by the biggest so called humanitarian country in the world USA

    War was well supported against Pakistan by Musharraf, Nawaz and Zardari and Nawaz and Molana Fazl-ur-rahman were involved in making this sorrowful incident in the history of Pakistan !!! They must all be hanged by the courts in the public on the streets
  11. concern_paki

    Caption Time

  12. concern_paki

    Why India dislike Imran's face

    Indian Foreign Office has clearly stated that they Imran face is revealed, and they do not want to have discussion with Imran's Government. Question here is why this statement has come from Indian Foreign Office as Imran Khan is constantly giving the statements to have a friendship and growth of...
  13. concern_paki

    Perfect Time to Start Operation Clean up in Karachi

    Right now it is the the perfect time to start an operation clean up in Karachi. In 1992 it was started though that was not the perfect time. As, there were differences among the party at that time also, though the people of Karachi were still supporting MQM and the hold of the MQM was very...
  14. concern_paki

    Dr AtaUr Rehman Former HEC Chairman selected as Education Advisor in KPK

    Reportedly former HEC chairman Dr Ataur Rehman has been nominated by the PTI leadership as adviser on education in KPK. This will certainly turn things around. Lucky u KPK people!!!!
  15. concern_paki

    ICC is involved in all match fixing

    How does Mr. Haroon Logart knows that India will going to play the final of World Cup 2011. Statement was given on 23 March 2011 even before India has played QF against Aussies ....... ALL CORRUPT AND MATCH FIXING Check this link ....