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    آگے آتی تھی حال دل پر ہنسی

    You hit the nail on the head. The problem is those who have made these politicians their maabood. That is why we are in this plight.
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    Woeful prediction of ADB about Pakistan!!!

    Yup they are the best. With good customer service.
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    عمران خان نے ہمارے مردہ جسم میں جان ڈال دی - فلسطینی سفارتکار

    That is why the whole western world is after Pakistan. Only country that think about ummah.
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    President Emmanuel Macron of France is a loose cannon.

    Let's be honest. Leaders of nations are a semblance of their character. Only when Allah wills He sends leaders who reforms nations but even then the nations have to prove themselves to be deserving. If I look around the only reasonable leaders are Erodogan, Jescinda of New Zeland and Putin are...
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    President Emmanuel Macron of France is a loose cannon.

    There is another lesson that muslims who live in the west need to learn from success of Politicians like Macron, that they cannot be safe politically in the west and they put all their eggs in one bascket. Historically muslims support left wing parties in europe, America and Canada. They premise...
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    کیا چین کا اشارہ پاکستان کی طرف تھا؟

    khairat jitni kam milay itna acha.
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    اینکر عمران ریاض خان کی حرف بہ حرف سچ ثابت ہونے والی پیش گوئی

    bhai I do not condone what PLMN said. I abhor that party but still throwing dirt on dirt does not do any good. We are known by our Prophet. Do you know in India in many parts muslims are called "Mohammadans". Do you think if we do this tit for tat, on the day of judgement we will have any face...
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    اینکر عمران ریاض خان کی حرف بہ حرف سچ ثابت ہونے والی پیش گوئی

    Thank you brother. it is so sad to see the despicable behavior of our own people who call themselves muslims. There are some members whose message i cannot even read becuase i know most of it is just curse words and that also to nth degree. I do not understand what kind of tarbiat they have...
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    My father will return only if Zardari guaranty the safety of his life!!!

    Zardari tou guarantee day day ga. Yeh beleive karay gee.
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    Unidentified Law Enforcement Officers "امریکا کے نامعلوم افراد"

    When someone gets the taste of their own medicine. Now they are proudly banning Trump's twitter and facebook accounts and freedom of speech is somewhere purchasing oil. What a hypocritical world we live in.
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    Investing in Human development in Pakistan

    Hi Members, I need some advice from you. I run an online education business. I want to use my resources to invest in human capital development in Pakistan. The idea is to provide online education to those who otherwise cannot afford to study. My target groups are women and children who and...
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    Resolving public complaints through PMDU has destroyed local systems - Orya

    We had all issues addressed by local bodies before the portal. What an idiot!
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    مزہ آ گیا بہت عرصے بعد ایک خوبصورت کلیپ سننے اور دیکھنے کو ملا

    tou yeh jo pakistan army nai itnay arsay galay say lag kar rakha, they did not know all of this? it means they also have their hands dirty in this matter. To me nawaz and company is makafte-amal. If pakistan army really wants to be islamic army then they need to bring some order to their upper...
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    چینی 15سے20روپے فی کلو سستی ہونے پر عوام کیا کہتے ہیں؟

    i actually wanted to write that it should be made in accessible to poor people as it is a waste of money. Stop eating sugar and you will find a new you. More energy, good and healthy heart. Natural fruits should be the only substitute for sweet tooth. My father was at the verge of taking insulin...
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    چینی 15سے20روپے فی کلو سستی ہونے پر عوام کیا کہتے ہیں؟

    We need to stop eating sugar. It is a carsenogen and eats away the health like slow poison. Sugar is the main reason why artries are clogged. We need to reduce sugar consumption.
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    عرب ملک کی طرف سے دھمکی آئی ہے کہ ہم آپ کی اسٹاک ایکسچینج تباہ کردیں گے

    if someone is in this wierd dream that KSE has anything to do with Arabs he must be on drugs. Arabs do not invest in mulsim countries, they invest in Europe and western countries that is why they have no say in their matters. Pakistan SE, is primarily driven by paksitani investors followed by...
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    عمران خان بھی ایک بزدل لیڈر ہے ۔ ہارون رشید

    Pakistan ki aik musibat say jaan nahi chotti aur doosri shuroo hojati hai. ab yeh media kay danishwaroon say kooon is mulk ki jaan bachai ga. Sab aqal-e-kul aur bahaduri key zarbulmisal hain. jo moun main aata hai baktay hain.
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    Bacon, ham and sausages 'as big a cancer threat as smoking', WHO to warn. Ummat News

    یہ مرتے مر جائیں گے لیکن کبھی قبول نھیں کریں گے کے اصل وجہ گوشت میں موجود خون ہے .اگر صحیح طریقے سے گوشت ذبح ہو تو اس میں موجود خون کی مقدار کم ہوتی ہے. جو اصل فساد کی جڑہے
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    Height Of Shame See How Saudi Security Officers Treat Male And Female Pilgrims (Really Shameful) -

    I checked the video again and the guy was removing the barricade put in haram to control flow of traffic. Without this barricade there will be a stempede in haram after fardh prayer. If one is going to perform Hajj what is the point when you try to find your way around the law in the house of...