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    Eid ul fitr moon photos

    I found this on twitter. The account looks legit. Also the photos and video of the moon all taken from different locations appear to be consistent with each other. Given that the moon was only 13 - 14 hrs old at sunset yesterday, it would be very thin and barely visible to the naked...
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    Dying because of Covid-19 or dying with Covid-19?

    Enough data is now available to do some analysis on the COVID-19 fatality and cases. I think it is fair to say that all models have proven to be horribly wrong. Scientists were predicting millions of deaths but data shows otherwise. However, for last several weeks a question has been lingering...
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    Famous online prankster Nadir Ali gets tax order

    ISLAMABAD: He may be the most famous prankster in Pakistan, but the tax authorities are in deadly earnest when they say they believe he owes them Rs13 million. The prankster in question is YouTube star Nadir Ali who runs a channel called P for Pakao, which features short videos of Nadir and his...
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    Tiger force is a stupid idea

    It will take many days and weeks to recruit, organize and train thousands of volunteers all over pakistan. However, help is needed right now! Instead of creating a new volunteer force govt should consider distributing money through Pakistan post whose offices are located all over pakistan...
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    Courtroom reporting must be banned

    In the last 10 years a new trend has begun in news media. Since Ifhikhar chaudhry restoration, every news channel has a resident reporter in supreme court and news channels specially GEO began reporting remarks of the supreme court judges as break news and tickers. While there is nothing...
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    1st time i agree with Mariam safdar nawaz

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    Election result can't be declared null and void due to bogus votes. Election tribunal

    671614178080120833 dekhta ja sharmata ja.
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    Mayor tu apna hona chahiye!

    kiya khayal ha phr mayor tu apna hona chahiye.
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    Any update on good governance collapse? 60 hrs gone

    ye khabar tu aese ghayeb hoi ke jese wo building ghayed hui thi. what is the final score of shobaz sharif good governance. last i heard 25 odd dead and another 100 waiting for their turn. bara ganjja is touring entire punjab but didnt even bother to visit the site or injured in hospitals even...
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    Any update on collapsed building in lahore?

    why media is not doing ball to ball commentary on this accident. it has been 24 hrs now and with each passing hour the chances of survival of 100 people caught under rubble are becoming less. a few days ago some tourists were caught in a snow storm and that was mainly because of irresponsible...
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    Women barred from casting ballot in Punjab! Silence on Media?

    ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of women voters were barred to exercise their fundamental right at one of the union councils in Chakwal District during the recently held first phase of local government (LG) elections in Punjab. The decision to exclude women voters was made during a jirga held days before...
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    Historic steps towards improvement of hospitals

    We have all heard of stories of ghost employees in schools and hospitals. Thousands of govt employees take full salary and benefits but do private jobs in during duty hours. we can complain about lack of facilities, furniture, equipment etc but all govt offices are full of peons and sweepers and...
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    Is this the worst punjab govt ever?

    Today election is taking place in punjab in just 12 districts and shobaz sharif cant manage them peacefully. Also there are fewer parties than kpk elections, jui/anp not virtual non existent. Even sindh elections is more peaceful. has punjab govt become worse than sindh?
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    PML(N) and PTI Mid-Term Report Cards

    oK here is an objective look at how pti and pml (n) is faring in their respective govts in province and center with respect to the benchmarks/promises they made in the run up to the 2013 elections. I have pretty good memory and have been following current affairs and based on my knowledge i came...
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    Aik he saf me kharay hogaye Africa aur Pakistan

    Bachpan ne aapne wo lateefa tu suna hoga ke ek dafa international billon (cat) race horahi thi ke zabardast upset hogaya. somailia se aayi hui dubli patli billi ne europe aur america ki jandar bilion ko shikast dedi. Investigation hui tu pata chala ke wo somaliya ki billi nahi balke sher tha...
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    12th October - when sweet merchants across Pakistan sold all their stock

    As a lover of sweet meat, there are few better days when you get to eat lots of free mithai. 12th October, 1999 was such day. economy was in tatters, wheat shortage, qarz utaro mulk sawaron and other gimmics were rife. jamat e islami was doing dharana in islamabad because nawaz sharif had...
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    PML N lost from all railway colony areas

    saad rigger was another hyped up pmln joker. He has taken stay order on his own seat and was doing jalsas for ayaza sadiq. However, pmln lost from all polling stations of railway colony. This proves that saad rigger is just another hyped up qabza group with zero performance in railways. if...
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    Noon League ke Qilay me Pehli Darar

    11 October, 2015. Note down the date above because 3-4 years from now when analysts will ask where did it all go wrong from pmln, this date may well provide an answer. PML (N) lost a seat from central lahore (not from any DHA, model town, gulberg, bahira town or any posh area) PP 147 while...
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    PMLN lost 2/3 seats today

    In 2013, pmln won na 122, na 144 and pp 147. Today they only won na 122 and lost badly in na 144 and also lost pp 147 to pti. at the end of the day pti gained 1 seat and pmln lost 2 seats. even if IND joins govt (which would be foolish imo since next elections are only 2 years away), pti still...
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    Kulsoom nawaz nephew lost his seat to PTI

    After 86% results PTI: 25,812 PMLN: 23,537 I think this is the first time a member of sharif family has lost while sharifs are in govt. After 95% Polling Stations Results is this the beginning of the end of sharif mafia? PP-147 Election History They won in 2002...