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    پاکستان پاگلوں اور انتہا پسندوں کا معاشرہ ہے، غریدہ فاروقی

    she wants asylum in europe because Pakistan me dukaan band hogai ha
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    وزیراعظم ہاؤس میں بیٹھ کر یوٹیوب ویڈیوز بنانیوالے بچوں کی فائلیں بن رہی ہیں

    First arshad sharif and now dr qayamat masood angry on young journalists for giving all news via youtube channels. Old timers news anchors should retire now because by the time they "break" news stories in their TV shows, it has already become old news thanks to journalists on youtube.
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    ملک صرف اس کے حوالے کیا جاتا ہے جس نے ورلڈ کپ جیتا ہو، سلیم ٹافی

    next govt is also Khan's. I think saleem lifafi, tallu butt and chirya wali sarkar need to find another line of work because even patwaris have stopped listening to their BS.
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    خواجہ آصف نے آرمی چیف کے آگے ہاتھ جوڑے؟

    both kahwajas are famous boot lickers inside and che guevara outside.
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    I've been doing journalism for last 30 years, FIA can't send me a notice

    What a logic! I think he has lost his brain along with his hair.
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    ایک بوتل میں اولیو آئل جبکہ دوسری میں شہد تھا:شرجیل میمن شراب برآمدگی کیس

    Imagine that the chief justice of the highest court of the country catches a person red handed and yet that criminal goes scott free. This is blatant mockery of justice.
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    پاکستان کا سافٹ امیج پروموٹ کرنا ہے تو مریم کو وزیراعظم بنادیں، حنابٹ

    Soon after Mariam qatri becomes PM, news headlines will read " Pakistani PM ran away with Qatri Prince "
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    FATF wants Convictions of Money Launderers

    aur do dealain aur dheelain.
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    John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

    kaash nawaz sharif or zardari me bhi itni sharam ajaye.
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    28 story building in less than 10 hours!!!

    even assembling 28 floors in 10 hours is impressive.
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    State Bank of Pakistan imposes a fee on inter-bank fund transfers (IBFT)

    bizarre decision. Online transaction saves so much money to banks as well as consumers!
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    معیشت نےترقی نہیں کی توآئی پی پیز کا کیا قصور؟ میاں منشا

    He is trying to dodge the subject. The problem is with the IPPs agreement. Price can be lower or higher - it is all relative and can be debated. However, this phenomena of capacity charges is a 100% scam. No where in the world you have to pay for a utility service that is not consumed.
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    مریم نواز کی 5 ججز کو دھمکی

    If mariam qatri didnt have punjabi domicile she would have been dead by now.
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    اقتدار کا خاتمہ دیکھ کر اسرائیلی وزیر اعظم نے الیکشن کو ہی فراڈ قرار دیدیا

    US election was definitely fixed. Yes Biden got more votes than Trump but all the rules were bent in favor of Biden. 20years from now when both of them are dead, some retired CIA person will reveal the truth in his autobiography.
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    معیشت کی حالت خراب ہےتو آپکاکاروبار کیسے چل رہاہے؟ مفتاح اسماعیل سے سوال

    He is selling candies and other fast moving consumer goods. His company's profits are directly linked with economic situation. if people have less money to spend, they will spend it on groceries rather than chips, biscuits and candy
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    ‏آئندہ سال ملکی تاریخ کی ریکارڈایکسپورٹ کریں گے۔اسد عمر

    If there is no recession/3rd wave in Europe and USA, Pakistan's exports will cross $28 billion next year. Textiles alone will hit $20 billion and IT exports will be near $3 billion.
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    دنیا دیکھ رہی ہے اکانومی میں دھماکہ جو عمران خان نے کردیا

    The benefit will trickle down. Almost all major industries are in expansion mode right now. This means more jobs will open in the next 6-18 months. More importantly, these will be proper full time careers - not side gig type jobs that careem/food panda/freelancing provides. here is an example...
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    طلعت لفافی کی پھٹ گئی

    Tallu butt has a distinct record. 100% of his news stories and analysis has turned out to be 100% wrong.
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    Pakistan Stock Exchange setting new records every day - Muzamil Aslam

    big satta going on in PSX as always