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  1. Dawood Hassan

    Israel really struggling with covid - Alarming Data - 4 doses required

    We'll be getting the vaccine on a regular basis like every year or something
  2. Dawood Hassan

    What is going on here

    this guy has completely lost it
  3. Dawood Hassan

    پاکستان ٹی ٹی پی کو معافی دینے پر تیار لیکن کس شرط پر؟

    kar dein unn ke abba ji bhi on board hein
  4. Dawood Hassan

    "You should thank PM for cheap petrol" Muzzammil but also creats CAD.

    i hope people understand this
  5. Dawood Hassan

    First lady out in public today-Is this linked to what's happening in Afgh?

    meri marzi, jis marzi pr tajzia karoon? who are you?