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    Novak Djokovic Kicked out from US Open for hitting an old woman

    Anyone following Tennis here? These days the US open is underway and Novak Djokovic was well on his way for a fantastic comeback. But unfortunately he hit one of the referees and as per rules he has been ousted from US open. My favourite player but now he is out, even though Serena is still...
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    Pemra bans Dramas Ishqiya and Pyar K sadqay

    I do not understand why would PEMRA define the bans, let viewers watch what they want to watch. If something is not accepted by public, it will be automatically rejected. This social policing starts from state and goes till Molvis and even on social media forums. Let people breathe ...
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    Pakistan vs England 2nd test

    What do you guys think, who should be in team and who should be rested? I guess Azhar Ali should sit out and fawad Alam should come in with Shan Masood or Shadab as captain.
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    Indian actor Sunjay Dutt diagonosed with Lungs Cancer

    He has been one of our favourite actors during the 90's. Sad news indeed.. :( 2020 is giving us bad news on loop and the recent one is from Sanjay Dutt who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. He is flying to USA for immediate treatment. Sanjay Dutt is shattered with the recent turn...
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    Kiya Azhar Ali ko kaptan rehna chyeye?

    After a heart-bustling and nerve wrenching contest, England snatched victory from Pakistan’s hands. Pakistan, who played extremely well for the first two days, were unable to come up with any answer to Chris Woakes and Jos Buttler’s on-slaught on 4th day of the test. The question arises, as was...
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    Resignations and IK's party

    I guess there is something in it more than the media anchors campaign against the dual nationality of SAPMs. Also there are useless Zulfis still there which means it is not just the dual nationality thing. Guys be realistic, if there is one person every media person, even every Pakistani will...
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    Learn this from Turkey

    Turkey is our new Mai-Baap these days and we see from our Prime Minister till the 16 years old on social media, everyone giving examples of Turkey and Rajab Erdogan. But we just see the cosmetics and what we want to see, like the dramas and Erdogan's irritating speeches for demestic consumption...
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    پیپلز پارٹی رہنما آیت اللہ درانی کورونا وائرس کے باعث انتقال کر گئے

    Inna lillahi winna ilahi rajeeoon... He was a better and relatively sane voice in Pakistani politics. Allah may forgive him and may his soul rest in peace. Ameen. ی رہنما آیت اللہ درانی کورونا وائرس کے باعث انتقال کر گئے Last Updated On 05 July,2020 09:39 pm پاکستان کوئٹہ: (دنیا نیوز) پیپلز...
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    No religion is higher than Humanity: Edhi

    8th July is the death anniversary of Abdul Sittar Edhi, the great. A person who lived for others and gave us the meaning of our lives. I share his ever greatest quote here that Humanity is above all religions and castes, sects and races. Let us join hands to promote his ideas and help the poor...
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    Well done Akhtar Mangel

    In these times of turbulance, when government is trying to save itself by hook or by crook and even government's own MNAs are black-mailing, Akhtar Mangel has shown some sanity and proved that there is still some principles in politics. Many of my friends here and in general on social media...
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    Pakistan ka masla: shown by one telephone call

    Bahio jitna marzi zor laga lo, jissay marzi hay corrupt bana lo, ghaddar ya mohib e watan keh lo, jab tak maslay ki root tak nhi jao gay, yeh mul kaisa hi rehay ga aur aisay hi chalay ga.... Pakistan k tamaam maslon ki jur iska government system ka structure aur autority/power ka ghalat...
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    Bhutto the great and his policies

    In recent decades, the response and attitude of our nation in crisis situations, like in Corona these days, shows just one thing that this nation is morally corrupt to the core and it has no right to call NS , Zardari etc corrupt as they are also one of us, the nation. I was thinking about the...
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    Corona Virus and conspiracy theories

    I hardly see these desi Conspiracy theorists and pseudo-intellectuals who were telling us that this is an "AZAB" on western countries and China etc. And dumbs like Orya Maqbool were telling us not to take it serious because we are the chosen ones and all poor countries in world are much safer...
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    The Legend: A rare video

    Just found on Youtube ....
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    Hamari Fouj k Pashay....

    Just going through some older posts and vidoes and came across General Pasha and his role in Raimond Daves Case. This was utterly shameful and disgraceful for any nation on the face of earth, let alone for the 5th Biggest country in the world who is also a nuclear power. Fouj aus uskay idaraay...
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    Media and Nawaz Shareef

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    Thr cruel times of Zia-ul-Haq

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    Geo Tv Sposored Qalandars, on a winning streak

    Lo ji, jang Geo ki sponsored Qalandars ki team nay sabko dhool chaata di hay, kal tak jo log inpay shor macha rehay thay, iss forum pay bhi, wo saray ab ghayab hogaye hayn.... Lagta hay , iss bar ka Cup, Sohail Akhtar aur Geo group ki team hi uthaye gi. Sath hi kuch conspiracy theories bhi chal...
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    Best Pakistani Journalist: Hamid Mir