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  1. Rancher

    Enquiry from residents of Islamabad/Rawalpindi

    Just wanted to ask the current status of work on Islamabad expressway, is it started, and how long will it take to complete. I have a plot in Emaar and due to deplorable road condition of Islamabad expressway, everyone is advising me to get rid of it
  2. Rancher

    Cash from ATMs on International cards

    Does ATM in Pakistan work to get cash with << overseas >> bank card? i.e., RBC Canada. Wherever I travel, I rely on ATM while having some cash for emergency back up. But a friend of mine told me that most ATMs are NOT linked with international network. Is it so? I have RBC client card, so...
  3. Rancher

    Real estate suggestion for Islamabad

    For 30.00m to 32.00m a one kanal house in Emaar Islamabad is better place to live or Bahria town, please give advise based on your personal experience keeping in mind future potential of both these areas.
  4. Rancher

    Why and by whom was banned. was off net few weeks back and govt. was blamed for that. The administrators also blamed govt. for the ban on their facebook page. There were condemnations all over, however it reappeared with the same vigor as nothing has happened. Can somebody throw light what actually happened...
  5. Rancher

    Are Morals for PML- N only

    PTI friends are talking about morals that Ayaz Sadiq should not hide behind stay order from SC, Chairman NADRA should resign, all four Election Commissioners should resign etc etc. Talking about morality, what PTI thinks of itself. Elections commissioners and Chairman NADRA were appointed with...
  6. Rancher

    A Question to Mods.

    There are members on this forum with ids such as romaryamro, raiwinddestroyer, captainsafdar etc, etc. if any member come with ids such as rotyrianro, rositawhitero, rojemimaro, rorehamro, banigaladestroyer, zamanparkdestroyer, will it be acceptable to you.
  7. Rancher

    Was Abdul Hafeez Peerzada reponsible for JC verdict against PTI ?

    PTI legal team and leader were so nave and immature that they followed each and every decision of AHP, ie, not interrogating, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Ramday, Sethi, GEO, Urdu Bazar printing press owner etc etc, as PTI is conceding that they cannot present their case in effective way.
  8. Rancher

    Nostalgia- Games we used to play when we were kids

    Good old days. We have played games when we were young, lattu, kanchay, gilli danda, pehaljooj, do teen panch card game and express. Today's kids may not have heard them. Please add more if anyone of you played games in your adolescent which I missed. Oh I missed stamp and coin collection.
  9. Rancher

    2015 was most boring cricket world cup

    Espncricinfo poll on most boring Cricket world Cup termed 2015 as the most boring. Which was the most boring World Cup of all? RESULTS 2015 40.00% 68139 2011 7.07% 12048 2007 38.26% 65182 2003 4.17% 7108 1999 2.96% 5035 1996 1.11% 1888 1992 1.43% 2437 1987 0.79% 1343...
  10. Rancher

    Is it a right move by PTI to accept Altaf Hussin apology

    Murderer, terrorist, psychopath, lunatic bla bla, but his apology accepted for calling dharna as chakla and heera mandi, Shireen Mazari naika and participant girls prostitutes. Ab saneha Baldia, Zohra Apa murder case gaya bhad mein.
  11. Rancher

    Should PTI officially end boycott of Geo?

    With the fast changing political scenario, Geo regaining lost reputation and changed attitude of Geo towards PTI, and participation of PTI leaders, I strongly support end of boycott.
  12. Rancher

    Why Sh. Rasheed attend all gatherings of PTI when he has his own party

    Shaikh Rasheed is seen in nearly all gatherings of PTI, (though not in Larkana, can anyone tell why he has not participated)? Is he specially invited in gatherings or he comes bin bulaya or it is taken for granted that he will be there. In all the above scenarios PTI should own his statements...
  13. Rancher

    What will happen on November 30th

    Imran Khan has made up his mind to announce something big on Nov.30th. Remember Qadri is coming back on Nov. 20th. Any guesses what Imran Khan will announce on this date to make the life of government miserable? I don't think he has left with much options, after his failure of civil...
  14. Rancher

    Future Scenario

    If PTI long march succeeds, PML-N government is thrown out, new elections are called, all who have rigged the elections are punished, PTI wins midterm elections with huge margin and form the government will PML-N not cry for rigging will they not call for the long march where Inqilab of TUQ...
  15. Rancher

    الطاف کی بیل اس مہینے ختم ہو رہی ہے

    الطاف حسسیں کی بیل جولائی تک تھی ، مگر ہر طرف خاموشی ہےاس بارے میں کیا کیس ہوا میں اڑ گیا ہے
  16. Rancher

    A Question from TUQ Supporters

    Whenever you are asked about his lavish style of living ie, properties of millions of Dollars in Canada, Pakistan and God knows where else, travelling in Business class etc, you always comes with the explanation that he is author of one thousand books and gets royalties in millions. Have you...
  17. Rancher

    What is stopping Geo for apologizing on ISI issue

    Geo was quick to apologize on morning show issue, but I fail to understand why they are reluctant to apologize on ISI issue. Do they have firm proofs, but still they should apologize than to jeopardize their existance and suffer heavy financial losses.
  18. Rancher

    Why Jawed Hashmi is in favour of issuing passport to Altaf Hussein

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  19. Rancher

    Mod. what is the criteria?

    Can anyone explain what is the policy of forum moderators regarding upgradation of ones profile from newbie to intermediate, regular member, professional, expert bla bla. Is it the time period since anyone become member or no. of posts. just curious.:jazak:
  20. Rancher

    Can our IP address be traced

    Just wanted to know post on this forum or for that matter any other forum can be traced by investigation department? If yes post through bypass proxy server can be traced?