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    Who is Mir Mohammad Ali Khan on twitter?

    Any evidence?
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    آمریت کا نیا دور

    Teri Language, bata rahi hay k tu kis party aur kis family say talluq rakhta hay
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    آمریت کا نیا دور

    Peoples Aman Comitte bhi yaad hay.
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    پاکستان کو تنہا اور انڈیا کو طاقتور بنانے والی حرکات

    DO teen U.P wali gali daynay ka dil karaha hay.....choutiyay say kaam chala lay. BAGGAD DHAYR, Us Kanjar Nawaz ka tu abhi kuch nhi hua, abhi tu party start hui hay, aur Nawaz kay jitnay bhi Bhadway hay, jo karna hay karlo
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    میڈیا والے رپورٹنگ کیا جانیں // اسے کہتے ہیں کلاسک رپورٹنگ

    How come is selected, although being voted by millions like me and how Bilawal is not selected by some will of that corrupt lady? enlighten me definition of "SELECTED".
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    پی ڈی ایم کی تحریک سے "چوہا" نکلا یہ اب نیچے جا رہی ہے

    Chal bay choutiyay, Imran khan ki wife ko tum logon nay kya nhi kaha, baday dooghlay ho tum log
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    Asad Bashir Khattak sent a defamation notice of 500 million to Veena Malik

    Maryam kay twitter par din raat gaalyan likhta hun, tum kya mein PTI ka worker hogaya?
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    کچھ حقائق کو بتانا پڑتا ہے، ایاز صادق نے ابھی بہت معمولی بات کی ہے - خاقان

    you are 100% correct. Not only MQM was brought into power but also Ishratul Ibaad was made Governor of Sindh despite of Murder charges on him
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    کچھ حقائق کو بتانا پڑتا ہے، ایاز صادق نے ابھی بہت معمولی بات کی ہے - خاقان

    with the help of innocent Madarsaas Children? if you people were in India, your party would have been lynched by now
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    Ex-CM Sindh kicks PTI very hard and leaves it

    Or else MQM would get votes of Karachites? what a LALA land you people live in? I, being a Urdu speaker knows MQM better than anyone and will vote to Devil but not MQM.
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    کپتان ایکس دی شیم آف پنکی

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    I caught Imran Khan Red-handed : Reham Khan

    Jo teray jaisay Bhadway ko Munh day woh ISI agent, wah Kanjar wah
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    کیا پاکستان کو برطانیہ پر حملہ نہیں کرنا چاہئے ؟

    Kanjri kay Bachay phir aagaya....SITA AUR RAM KAY CHOOTAD
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    Capt (retd) Safdar arrested from hotel in Karachi: Maryam Nawaz

    Nawaz from Amratsir BHADWA family...
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    Didn't run away, I was in London for my son's birth - Zulfi Bukhari

    CHOUTIYAY INSAAN, he was born and raised in U.K before serving Pakistan, unlike Idiot Nawaz who made all his fortune by looting poor Pakistanis and made his kids British nationals..
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    نواز شریف کو الطاف حسین سے نہیں ملایا جاسکتا، خواجہ سعد رفیق

    Above mentioned people would have been involved but you can not put Altaf and MQM aside of the situation in Karachi. I am a Urdu speaker and born and grown up there in Nazimabad so please don`t try to twist fact. Try to speak truth you`d feel better.
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    PEMRA bans broadcast of speeches from proclaimed offenders, absconders

    Nawaz GAWALMANDI KANJAR Ki auqaat tu Altaf jaisi bhi nhi rehni, ABHI TU PARTY SHUROO hui hay
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    رانا ثنااللہ ابھی بھی انکاری

    who came into power, who came???