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    The sports in which pakistan was actually good at vs Cricket.

    So much money is being put into cricket in pakistan , despite pakistan being mediocre at cricket save from early 80s to late 90s. Even in those years Pakistan wasnt number one. For last two decades , pakistan has been a mediocre team. Pakistan have failed to even draw a test match in australia...
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    Is olive wagyu possible in Pakistan?

    Wagyu is a term for cow in japanese language , and it is fed a diet which comprises of olive pulp , italian ryegrass and inawara rice straw. You can read more
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    Housing Schemes Vs Agricultural Lands.

    Our future depends upon this war , for the last 15 years housing schemes are winning against agricultural lands. The rate of how fast the agricultural lands are being converted into housing schemes is alarming. Sialkot is a small city and there are several housing schemes now and latest being...
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    Aforestation is good but..

    Gujranwala jungle ban jayega :D On a serious note , I hail prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Niazi for giving proper attention to environmental issue aur also receiving well deserved accolades from inside and outside the country. But there is a lot more to do and elephant in the room is...
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    Pakistans last hope in olympics is out too.

    Pakistan's Arshad Nadeem missed out on Olympic medal and finished fifth in men's javelin throw event in Tokyo on Saturday as India's Neeraj Chopra claimed gold. Nadeem threw for 82.91m on his opening attempt of the final round and 81.98m on the second. His final attempt of the round and...
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    USD on rapid rise again.

    In the last 30 days , dollar has risen from 156.8 from160.8. What are possible reason behind rapid devaluing of pakistani rupee
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    How a guy recovered his stolen car after 9 years!!

    This story is a question mark on Pakistan police system , the corrupt bureaucracy , the bhai band corrupt lawyers and inept judicial system. I was going through forums on Pakwheels and i landed upon this thread , the story tells how a strong headed guy struggled against all odds to get his...
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    Bilawal ke thumkon ke khof se PTI mein khalbali!!

    Hakumat der gai he ke bilawal jaani ke thumke kahin amriki sarkar ko bhaa hee۔naa jaayen ، is liye PTI ke wazir aur tarjuman bokhlahat mein janay kya kya bayan daagh rahay hain۔ Kahin na kahin der zarur hai ke kahin amrika walay pakistani establishment ko bilawal ke haq mein na litaa lein aur...
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    Pakistan ke mustaqbil ko g****u hone se bachaya jaaye.

    Sochta hun uss lerkay ki to darhi thi aur shakal bhi waajbi se thee , janay ye madrasson mein chikne bachon ke sath kya kya hota hoga. Sochta hun Jin ulema ko hum roze tv per dekhte hen jumah ke khutbat mein sunte hen jin ke peeche hum namaaz perhte hen un mein se kitne g****u honge aur kitne...
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    yeh lashain zaya nahin jayengi.

    Hakoomat iss waqt buhat kamzore ho chuki hai hai , mehngai ka bekaabu jin aur doosree ye bekaabu labbaik ki affriat. Hum pakistani basically ek jazbati aur deeni tore per jaahil qome hain. Iss liye yehan her chooran bik jata hai. Ehtishaam ilahi zaheer ka bhi , tahir ul qadri ka bhi , khadim...
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    50 lakh ka ghar 76 lakh mein, Ghareebon ki mauj lag gai!

    Bumper offer 50 lakh ka ghar 76 lakh mein 40 lakh ka ghar 63 lakh mein 30 lakh ka ghar 45 lakh mein 20 lakh ka ghar 33 lakh mein 10 lakh ka ghar 15.5 lakh mein ghareebon jholian utha utha ker duaain do.
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    Namaz mein dheyan idher udher kiun ho jata hai?

    jahan tak meri nakis aqal kehti hai iski ek bunyadi wajah hum jo namaz mein sana , fateha , tasbeehat aur duaayen perhte hen un ka tarjama yaa mafhoom ka pata na hona hai. Hamain kam az kam namaz ka mukammal tarjama aana chahye takay hamara mukammal focus namaz ke ander hee rahay. agli dafa...
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    Was Usman Buzdar really a right choice?

    Lahore is filthy , i mean really really filthy these days. Garbage everywhere and seems like that no one is really bothered about picking it up. Police is no better than it was before , traffic police situation is even worse. and law and order situation isnt great either in punjab. So what...
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    Why MG (JW-SEZ) Pakistan getting special treatment.

    Imports of vehicles were banned more than two years ago in pakistan or the process was made so cumbursome that it was near impossible to import a vehicle in pakistan. It was all good and was there to reduce import bill and give breathing space to local auto assemblers. So what has changed now...
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    Thank you Imran Khan but it is over.

    You have given it everything and still willing to work even harder for the nation you so proudly and densly believe in but this nation is not worth it. Senate election was a daylight robbery and advance information with proofs were provided to election commission but in their minds polluted by...
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    When will electricity price be lowered?

    The fuel costs have been cut around 35 to 40 percent but electricity is very very costly , the benefits of lowered fuel costs should reflect in the electricity bills.
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    Pia ki haramkhori

    My friend is coming back from uae first week next montb and pia is charging bloody 1800 aed for one way ticket , emirates is not allowed to travel to pakistan and its ticket was only 700. A lot of labor community is there and thats what pia is doing to already troubled expats.
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    A lot of cross firing at Sialkot border.

    For last 1 hour there has been consistent firing at Sialkot border , ya Allah Khair.
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    Aik aur aafat!

    After 15 plus years of war against terrorism Pakistan was finally seeing some signs of peace in the country and then America kills suleimani and again the peace of Pakistan is at stake. Pakistan has long been a battleground of proxy wars and this escalation in middle east will threaten the peace...
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    Can anyone explain this bill to me?

    Can anyone tell me the bill adjustment in third column. There is fpa edjustment but cant really understand the other bill adjustment. The units used in september were 989 so the fuel adjustment for that is 1800 odd and even after including taxes there is no way bill can be more than 5000.