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    Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet

    Jab sooraj kay paas aata hay tu garmi hota hay… Jab sooraj kay ziyada paas aata hay, tu ziyada garmi hota hay…
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    After getting the tank filled today :P

    Seems like Irshad Bhatti has decided to selll his soul and cash in on his fame…. This is exactly the road taken by a lot of journalists in Pakistan
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    کیا واقعی شراب میں مچھلی ڈال دیں تو شراب حلال ہوجاتی ہے؟

    What if u eat fish with wine…. Wouldn’t it ultimately become halal in your tummy
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    عدالتی بیان حلفی میں کوما فل اسٹاپ پڑھنے والی اپنی تقریریں خود لکھتی ہے

    There is a reason why politicians hire writers…. Learn it from your dad…. At least he is smart enough to know his intellect limitations
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    Control Tower Ne PM Imran Khan Ko Absolutely Not Keh Diya

    I couldn’t do more than 4 sec, so kudos to u
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    Everything has been settled between Govt and the army now! Sheikh Rasheed

    This is called pre-emptive strike
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    صحافی کے سخت سوال پر مریم نواز پریس کانفرنس چھوڑ کر چلی گئیں

    You know why this happened…. She forgot to bring the glass…. Only If she had the glass In her hand, than u would have seen her…
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    لاہور کا خواجہ سرا مریم نواز کا پیر؟اینکر عمران کا انکشاف

    What r u saying? Marium bibi is taking it in the behind…
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    گلاس آلی مائی

    Seems like she ate all the eggs. That explains her egg shaped body
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    This year PMLN not recalled 12th October?

    This should be a day of celebration…. like the Panipat ki doosri jang
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    عمران خان کو 92 ورلڈکپ والا موقع دوبارہ ملا مگر اس نےضائع کردیا۔اعتزاز احسن

    He made his way into presidentship by getting his wife killed. Musharraf left Pakistan in a decent state, so he just cruised along while filling his and his cronies pockets. Illiterate. Got lucky thanks to Zia. Played punjabi card all his life. Made billions by appearing to be loyal to Pakistan...
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    عمران خان کو 92 ورلڈکپ والا موقع دوبارہ ملا مگر اس نےضائع کردیا۔اعتزاز احسن

    He is asking Imran to leave the crease and go out for a six, which would most definitely get him out. What we need to understand is Imran is almost the last order batsman with match going against Pakistan and an overcast sky.
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    Sir, We Trust You more than them!!!

    US needs India against China. It doesn’t need Pakistan for the time being. In the famous words of Henry Kissinger, fear the friendship of America.
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    وزیراعظم عمران خان نے ڈاکٹر قدیر خان کی نمازجنازہ میں کیوں شرکت نہیں کی؟

    We all know, for better or worse Dr AQ was made into a tainted figure. His death was mentioned in all top newspapers of the world. At this stage, it was the right decision of PM to stay away from his funeral. It would have been like attending the funeral of OBL… u can attend if u have nothing to...
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    Hussain Nawaz was collecting bread crumbs from the road?

    Most likely picking up dropped pennies/change. Or, maybe trying to look under the skirts of nuns passing by 🤔
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    Tale of Confession – How low can we go?

    It’s good that the OP is known for his biases, so his agenda is clear. Just want to add that it is a “fact” that AQ khan was involved in these extra-un-official activities. This was his way of serving Pakistan even further by opening a Nukes-r-us shop. Was he alone, likely not. Did he sell...
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    Dr. AQ Khan Reveals Important information About Ex -General Pak Army

    Put your self in his situation. The lone super power is taking India on board and threatening u, are u with us or against us. Mind u, this is the same power that u count for majority of hi tech weapon supply. What do u do? You call it selling, but if he was so loyal to US, he wouldn’t have been...
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    Dr. AQ Khan Reveals Important information About Ex -General Pak Army

    One thing Musharraf was not, is traitor. He was always loyal to Pakistan and a practical man, maybe too practical, unlike IK who believes in destiny and will of God. Any person with half wit, who loved his country and wanted to save it from the wrath of a super power would have take the same...
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    Dr. AQ Khan Reveals Important information About Ex -General Pak Army

    I like the one who fixed himself and turned away from bad habits.