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    Low Intellect Approach of Pakistani So Called Journalists

    It was undoubtedly a great speech by Pm Imran Khan. A bunch of low intellects are continuously busy to divert the attention of the people from the great speech delivered by PM Imran khan at UNGA towards the use of words by President Regan and that too in an absurd way. Regan's Doctrine is...
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    Why are we Blaming New Zealand team, board and their PM?

    New Zealand Cricket board, its PM, and its cricket team should not be criticized in simple words rather we all must say: " DUR FITY MUNH New Zealand"...
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    عمران نیازی نے حقانی قبیلہ ایجاد کر لیا

    Most of the tribes, castes and sects are named after the places or institutions. Most of the castes are named after the names of their grand grand ancestors and this is how the tribes and families are established and studied in history. A particular tribe or family name is established when a...
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    What is the message of Imran Khan to the west in his interview?

    Through his interviews he is trying his best to teach the west to understand the reality that "Pakistan is a sovereign state and no one can dictate its Prime Minister Imran Khan". The early the west understands the conviction, the better would be for all. No internal or external pressure can...
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    Why is media upset with PMDA laws?

    1. The media houses have been in practice to sell spicy half correct news for past 20 years. After the new legislation of media, the spicy news will be heavily fined if fake. 2. Most of the anchors convert their wishful analysis into news and create confusion because they can do everything...
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    Is EVM the need of Imran Khan?

    The answer is a big NOOO. Imran Khan won the GE 2018 with traditional method. He continued his victories in GB, AJK and Cantonment ( A little expected upset was there in cantonment in Punjab). He is consistently winning with the traditional method of voting and the GE 2023 will not be an...
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    Is Usman Buzdar responsible for Cantonment elections upset in Punjab?

    A gross injustice to put all the blame on CM Punjab for defeat in Punjab cantonment elections. In Punjab, PTI is having three to four various segments within the party: 1.Jahangeer Tareen, 2. Chaudary Brothers, 3. General group, 4. Governor Punjab (The groups are reported at various media and...
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    Are the leading Youtubers doing satisfactory work?

    The leading Youtubers like Imran Riaz Khan, Siddique Jan, Esa Naqvi, Waseem, Azhar Siddique Advocate, Maleeha, Adeel, Malik Waqar etc (Apologies for not mentioning the names of the rest) can surely be declared the future of Pakistan information industry as they are committed, dedicated and...
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    Will the USA Invade Afghanistan again?

    At least for next hundred years, the USA will not even think to start an unending war in Afghanistan. The statement of American senator is typical and that what has always been said by the retreating forces in history " The war is not over" or " We can attack again" The loss of more than 2200...
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    A small evidence for you. Download the file
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    I shared it just ten minutes ago and suddenly the thread disappeared within no time. I dont know it may be admin policy. Open the link and get the evidence file downloaded.
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    Evidence Shared in new thread entitled " Evidence of Corruption. No action taken yet". Read and enjoy. The rest will also be shared.
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    My God. You seriously need to attend some tuition classes. No idea, no logic, Just repetition of same slang
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    Better Suggestion. Next threads will start with evidence
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    You better keep silent I suggest.
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    Wait for few hours. Evidence will be provided.
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    My Goodness. So poor analysis. Followers of Imran Khan are bringing everything into his notice as he said many times to report if there is any discrepancy. How will Imran Khan rectify the system if it does not come into his notice? Imran khan has always urged every Pakistani to report the...
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    Ma Mashallah. And how I am helping Enemies of Imran Khan? Is exposing corruption equals Khan's enemy?
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    PMLn and PPP are certified corrupts and their appointees too. They have no place in politics of Pakistan. Its useless to talk about them now. Its time to highlight the corrupt officials appointed by PTI and they are deceiving. Corruption in any form is harmful. It must be eradicated at once.
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    Is Corruption allowed in Universities of Punjab?

    I appriciate the use of language. I was expecting the same