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  1. Anonymous Paki

    Arif Nizami's Comments On Supreme Court's Verdict In Zulfi Bukhari's Case

    it was a pretty stupid case propaganda by Malik Riaz's tattoo arshad sharif
  2. Anonymous Paki

    PM Imran Khan is going after oil Mafia & will soon take action against them - Amir Mateen

    I have no doubt that IK will be able to fix all of the Pak issues. Its just a matter of time
  3. Anonymous Paki

    PMLN Massive Protest Against Govt.

  4. Anonymous Paki

    اگلی بار۔۔ جاوید چوہدری

    jaida donkey at it again
  5. Anonymous Paki

    What facilities are provided to Nawaz/Shahbaz Sharif in prison cell???

    why so much facilities are given to them?
  6. Anonymous Paki

    Don’t lecture on how to treat minorities: Mohammad Kaif tells Imran Khan

    low iq kaif doesn't make any sense what so ever
  7. Anonymous Paki

    Christians and Jews didn't celebrate birthdays and some still don't...

    oh bhai, itna lamba kaun parhey ga at-least highlight the summary
  8. Anonymous Paki

    رانا ثناء اللہ کی گھٹیا زبان پر صحافیوں کے قہقہے

    sahafi bhi saarey shameless baithey hein ...haraam ke pilley
  9. Anonymous Paki

    Pakistan Rupee vs Indian Comparizon year by year in each government

    extremists like saudis, trumps and modis don't last for too long...thats the bottom line
  10. Anonymous Paki

    "Zardari Imran Bhai Bhai", "Zardari Imran Shaitani Ittehad"- PMLN leadership's statements in past

    and who's fighting for zardari right now lol what a loser exposing themselves
  11. Anonymous Paki

    کیا عمران خان کا اقتدار ایردوان کی طرح طویل ہو سکتا ہے؟

    Imran Khan will stay here for good 15 years next 3 terms are confirmed