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    Root causes of moonfiting and few words about past and future Eid events.

    Please watch this short message to understand the source of our problem so we can reduce unnecessary friction on this matter. Discussion covers Saudi process, Fiqh Council of NA, moonsighting organizations and a recent lecture by Dr. Yasir Qadhi about FCNA process.
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    Awami response to Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

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    Asad Umar - A Nice Man but a Useless Finance Minister

    AU is very humble, educated and noble man. Whatever you say, he tried very hard while the economy is so screwed up by both mega corrupt parties unfortunately ruling the country for decades. In addition to the economic woes he had to face dumb and stupid malicious campaign against him and PTI...
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    Pride for Pakistan

    Watch this to get a fact based insight about Reut-e-Hilal and a response to those criticizing Mufti Muneebur Rahman and scholars in general:
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    What is the reason of suspension of Nawaz Sharif's sentence? Kashif Abbasi reply

    There should be a criminal trial and investigation against those NAB prosecutors. Clearly it was a setup and truth would come out very easily. Obviously there was a big game plan to make this happen.
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    How Hamza Shehbaz Insulted Ayaz Sadiq in National Assembly

    Re: How Humza Shehbaz Insulted Ayaz Sadiq in National Assembly You are pitching him against the self acclaimed pm, maryam. Not a bad idea. The two can fight over the seat and nation would be better off.
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    Whos Paying to Mark Siegel - Musharraf Reveals

    Re: Whos Paying Mark Siegel - Musharraf Reveals He is just guessing, not revealing.
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    Maryam's media cell will expand from 15 employees to 38

    Re: Maryam's media cell will expand from 15 employees to 38!!! Now you know Noora's trolls on this forum are paid agents after all.. surprised?
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    Nawaz Sharif's 'Pirchi' inspired Microsoft so that it made an app with the name of 'Pirchi' HAHAHA

    بھائی لوگو یہ پرچی نہیں بلکہ تعویز گنڈہ ہے نورا جب مشکل میں ہوتا ہے تو جلتو جلالتو پڑھتا ہے.یہ ورد اس کو یاد نہیں رہتا اس لئے پرچی میں لئے گھومتا ہے
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    Sincere, Honest...Just a good human being

    He has all the signs of a great leader, just need to keep working at it and prove that he is as good as his father.
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    Pakistan Se Jane Wale Reporters Ko Pakistani Embassy Ke Main Gate Par rok Liya

    Re: Pakistan Se Jane Wale Reporters Ko Washington Mein Main Gate Par rok Liya Nawaz Sharif was affraid of tough questions which he cannot answer. He only wants friendly chamcha type of journalists around him. He always does that so there should be no surprise.
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    Indian terrorist is now their PM - Asad Umer Blasts Narendar Modi

    Re: Asad Omer Blasts Narendar Modi Excellent point! Their terrorist is their PM now.
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    Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid Summarises His Successful Security Analysis::::Gen. Raheel Has Understood And

    Good one! Long live ZH and all patriotic Pakistanis :)
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    Marvi Memon Lahore Kyun Gayee Election ke Liye..Rauf Klasra Telling

    marivi memon - shareef badmash made her head of youth loan program so she has the money to throw.. 100 billion to be exact !!
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    NA-122 Results Thread - Keep posting updates in here

    Re: Result of 57 Polling stations (NA-122) -- Ayaz Sadiq 27320 , Aleem Khan 24740 chacha gaya ayaz sadiq
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    Zunera Ishaq, who challenged ban on niqab, takes citizenship oath wearing it

    Canada has proved to the world that it is not France!
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    Musharraf claims Baitullah Mehsud and Asif Ali Zardari Behind Benazir Bhutto Murder

    this rotten dictator is fazool admi. zardari was involved indeed, what's new he's telling us here?