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    Zardari is relaunching Bilawal with entirely a different proposition. Success chances are 95%.

    I am pretty sure, Zaradari himself is behind this scenario. If this thing happen, all Bhutto and Benazir lovers will hugely come back to PPP and it will become 197s PPP. See this news. Mir Murtaza family will be used for this purpose...
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    Any update on NA 122 and NA 125

    Any update on NA 122 and NA 125 ?;) Also Mr. Jahangir Tareen constituency status, if anyone have any update?
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    Can you present a single example from Pakistan

    CEO gives back bonus, says he doesn't deserve it Longtime timber executive Rick Holley returns nearly $2 million worth of stock. Well, here’s something you don’t see too often. Or maybe never… Rick Holley is CEO of Plum Creek Timber Co. PCL 1.50% , a Seattle-based real estate investment trust...