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  1. Citizen X

    World's Fastest Bowler Competition 1979

    Our beloved PM is also in the line up.
  2. Citizen X

    Any way of getting rid of fancy Urdu fonts.

    My Urdu reading isn't as fluent as it should be and being in a Arab country I'm more used to reading simple flat urdu/arabic text. When the page first loads I have that than but after a few seconds all the urdu text changes fonts to squiggly text ( like Urdu newspaper font ) anything from my...
  3. Citizen X

    Pakistan T20 World Cup Love From Afghanistan.

    More good wishes from a citizen of our "Islami biradar mulk" Before match After Match
  4. Citizen X

    Eid e Zahra Mubarak

    Seeing this all over my social media feeds today. Eid e Zahra is being celebrated today by . "Omar Koshan (Persian: عمرکشان‎, lit. 'the Killing of Umar'), also known as Jashn-e Hazrat-e Zahra ("Celebration of [Fatima] Zahra") or Eid-e-Shuja' ("Feast of the Courageous One") is a festival...
  5. Citizen X

    Two Pakistani Soldiers Killed By Afghan Militants Across The Border.

    "Terrorists from inside Afghanistan across the international border opened fire on a military post in Bajaur district," the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said, adding that Pakistani troops had responded in a befitting manner. "As per intelligence reports, due to [the] fire of Pakistan...
  6. Citizen X

    Taliban Execute Police Chief.

    Haji Mullah police chief of badghis surrendered after assurances he wouldn’t be harmed by them. Ended up shot up like tied up hog. True colours of the tattibans starting to show. So much for that general amnesty bullshit eh. Despite the commitment Taliban By pardoning its opponents and not...
  7. Citizen X

    These Are The People You Are Celebrating

    Since majority of Pakistanis suffer from amnesia. I thought I would refresh their memories a little bit. All this celebration of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, how it defeated the Americans and humiliated the Indians. Let me remind you these are the same people who you are cheering on 16...
  8. Citizen X

    American Spy From Iraq Opens Up

    Just watch the first 10 minutes if you can't watch the whole thing and you will see what deadly games Iran in playing in the region. Right now all our attention is diverted towards Afghanistan but we mustn't forget about the other snake hiding in the grass also.
  9. Citizen X

    The Intifada debate 8th of November 1989

    Watch Norman Finkelstein hand Israeli ass kisser extraordinaire Wolf Bilzter his ass on a silver platter, a bit long but worth every second. Watch all 6 parts.
  10. Citizen X

    Can You Dare Criticize Israel?

  11. Citizen X

    Imran Khan Vs Maryam

    Just a little humour. Enjoy Man this deep fake tech is getting weird and scary all at the same time.
  12. Citizen X

    Israeli settlements amount to war crime - U.N

    Israeli settlements in east Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank amount to a war crime, a U.N. human rights investigator said on Friday, calling on countries to inflict a cost on Israel for its "illegal occupation". Michael Lynk, U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied...
  13. Citizen X

    Surah Al Maoun will blow your mind.

    How to get closer to God
  14. Citizen X

    Which countries are our friends : Palestinians

    Pay special attention to 7:00 Aur hum log awein hi falastine ke mamay banay phir te hain.
  15. Citizen X

    Pakistan's 3.94% GDP growth target, almost double IMF, World Bank forecasts

    Sorry bad news for Jiyala Patwaris Pakistan estimated provisional GDP growth for the 2020-21 financial year at 3.94 per cent, which is almost double the forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the planning ministry said on Friday. In a statement, the ministry attributed higher...