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    Anwar Lodhi On JC Report

    no sir, these are only shareef courts .... In ayan case, zardari was helped by shareefs ......
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    Dua ki Taqat

    We need to return back to Allah SWT
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    عمران خان کی سیاسی موت

    فلحال تو قوم " عدلیہ کا جنازہ " پڑھ رہی ہے نورے قبر کھدائی کا کام جاری رکھیں تدفین دونوں کی ساتھ ہی کریں گے انشاء الله مٹھ رکھ
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    Zafar Halali bashes Judicial Commission judges over inquiry report

    Means these 3 judges generations will sit and eat ....
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    Chup karke sunain, bandh karain apni zubaan - PML-N Sheikh Rohail Asghar shouts at Zafar Halali in a

    This Rohail Asghar comes a very big murderer family of Baghbanpura Lahore, they have slaughtered around 8 - 10 members of a family in Baghbanpura. You have these kinds of people in PMLN.
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    Caption karo ji

    Interesting one .....
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    Javed Chaudhry Asks Few Ques To PM Nawaz Sharif

    Re: Javed Chaudhry Indirectly Suggests Nawaz Sharif That He Should Not Forgive Imran Khan Paid journalists are performing their duties ....
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    My views on Judicial commission report! RIP Justice.

    Write to supreme court directly > [email protected]
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    How Rauf Klasra Would Have Fought Rigging Case In JC & What Mistakes PTI Made In JC

    PTI Legal Team and Media Management is too weak. PTI people don't let capable people to enter the party to maintain their monopoly. PTI Vice President Hamid Khan and Justice Rtd Siddiqui themselves are not sincere with the party.
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    Judicial Commission ki report se Pakistan ko nuqsan huwa - Anchor Imran Khan

    Re: Very Bad Condition judicial system of Pakistan لاكه دى لعنت اس عدليه
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    U-Turn by Chief Justice Nasir ul Mulk. Why JC report not made public?

    Which Law ??? Is there any Law in this Country ????
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    There Will Be Reforms In Next Elections After JC Report - Najam Sethi

    A Million Dollar Question ...
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    There Will Be Reforms In Next Elections After JC Report - Najam Sethi

    Yes they have to apology for their blind belief on this corrupt judiciary.
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    Final report of the general elections - 2013 inquiry commission 2015

    Re: Adaltien Nawaz sharif key ghar ki baandi hien: after this a mojrity of Pakistanis will lost their faith on Pakistan's judicial system In reality, I never had any trust on Pakistani judiciary, but it was only Imran Khan who had blind faith on this filthy judiciary. Imran was always blindly...
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    Javed Hashmi on Judicial Comission Report

    Re: Javed Hashmi Reponse on Judicial Comission Report You are right Sir ....
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    Ali Zafar invites Junaid Jamshed to sing a song together to honour women

    Re: Junaid Jamshed (of Tableeghi Jamat) boutique fined for violating labour laws But NO Fine for huge labor law violations by Ittifaq group.
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    Imran Khan's stance on leaked JC Report - This report doesn't look legit-

    Re: Imran Khan stance on leaked JC Report - This report doesn't look legit- If Ahsan Iqbal is right, then it reflect Muk Muka between this Fake Government & JC. Then only the option of Dhama Dham Mast Kalandar as Sheikh Rasheed used to say....
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    Judicial Commission Report: When, Where, What - PML-N's Tweet, PTI's reaction, Analysts' Comments. D

    It is very simple. JC has developed report under PMLN's instruction, that is why, Ahsan Iqbal knew about the report.
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    Imran Khan Full Press Conference in Peshawar - 22nd July 2015

    How easily this family is fooling this stupid nation .....
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    Five MQM legislators including Dr Farooq Sattar go underground

    Hang them publicly to lesson others .....